17 Best Places in San Pedro Belize | 2023 Travel Itinerary

17 Best Places in San Pedro Belize | 2023 Travel Itinerary

San Pedro Belize is a bucket list destination for many travelers seeking a Caribbean vacation paradise. 

Located on the island of Ambergris Caye, San Pedro boasts a tropical climate year-round, a rich Mayan history, and the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Many amazing all inclusive San Pedro Belize resorts allow you to have a perfect escape from your daily routine without even leaving the hotels. But what fun would that be? The town boasts a plethora of restaurants to try, including Hurricanes for the infamous ceviche, and Kevin and Owie’s for local Belizean cuisine. 

Adventure seekers can explore the Belize Barrier Reef, which spans 190 miles and showcases a spectacular display of underwater life, including sea turtles, moray eels, and brightly colored tropical fish. Those looking for a thrill can skydive into the Great Blue Hole or scale Victoria Peak. 

For a more relaxing experience, a visit to one of the uninhabited atolls that dot Belize’s reefs allow for camping under the night sky. 

In this blog, we’ve included the 3 best neighborhoods in this coastal town of San Pedro Belize, and listed the 17 Best Places to visit for 

  • San Pedro Belize Resorts
  • Local restaurants
  • Beach bars
  • Adventure activities 
  • Things to do

You can also instantly download the 17 spots from this blog to your own Google Map for free. Use my map as your travel itinerary for your own adventure in San Pedro Belize.

❗ NO ADS ❗:None of the locations in this blog post are sponsored or paid. We don’t get any commission or incentives for recommending these places. All of the travel tips in this blog are based on information from NanoWhat’s community of travel creators and real reviews from Google Local Guides.

Is San Pedro Belize safe?

Although San Pedro Belize is a popular tourist destination, safety concerns are sometimes raised by travelers who plan to visit the city.

According to recent reports, San Pedro Belize is rated as a medium-to-high crime area, with an increasing number of thefts, burglaries, and robberies. Incidents of violent crime against tourists are rare but can happen, especially in isolated areas or at night. 

Visitors should remain cautious and take measures like avoiding walking alone in unlit areas or flashing expensive possessions. It is also recommended to use licensed taxis and avoid road robberies, which are rare but can occur after the sun has set. Staying in top-rated San Pedro Belize resorts and restaurants catering to international visitors is one way for vacation-goers to feel more secure. By being cautious and aware of their surroundings, travelers can definitely enjoy a safe and enjoyable trip to San Pedro Belize.

What to do in San Pedro Belize?

Neighborhood: South of San Pedro Belize

The best time to visit San Pedro is from December to April if you want to enjoy sunny days and clear blue skies. Once on the island, exploration is mainly done via golf carts or bicycles, making transportation easy and fun. One of the best holiday options is staying in an all-inclusive San Pedro Belize resort to enjoy its laid-back vibe and a variety of food selections inside and nearby the resort. 

  • Victoria House Resort & Spa

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.8 (431 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“I would rarely give a hotel five stars. Everything at this hotel is on point. The food is great. The staff are lovely. The management is accommodating. The location is picturesque. The only negatives I can find would be overdoing service. Even the things that break that no one would notice were being fixed before anyone noticed.”


Source: Hotels.com

Victoria House Resort & Spa is a good choice for those seeking a relaxed vacation in San Pedro, Belize. 

This award-winning resort boasts 42 rooms providing a range of world-class accommodations, including staterooms, casitas, suites, and villas. The resort’s location on Ambergris Caye provides a stunning natural backdrop, with views of the Belize Barrier Reef just a stone’s throw away. 

With an emphasis on pampering its guests, this resort is unmatched in terms of services and conveniences. Guests can enjoy an array of exciting activities, from exploring Mayan ruins to diving the Great Blue Hole. The resort is approximately 2 miles away from San Pedro town and can serve as the perfect starting point for your Belizean adventures. If you’re looking for a laid-back vacation in the south of San Pedro with a touch of elegance and exceptional service, Victoria House Resort & Spa could be an ideal selection. 

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  • The Hidden Treasure Restaurant & Lounge

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.7 (405 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“We went here as part of our ‘date night’. The setting was very cute and romantic. The food and drinks were amazing. The waitress was also funny, prompt, and helpful. All around it was one of the best dinners we have had in San Pedro.”


Source: The Hidden Treasure Restaurant & Lounge

If you stay in the Victoria House Resort & Spa, one of the must-try dining options in the area is the Hidden Treasure Restaurant & Lounge, which offers authentic San Pedro open-air dining, specialty cocktails, and exceptional service. 

The restaurant is located just a short drive away from Victoria House, and the resort provides convenient transportation for guests. Visitors can enjoy unique treats like sweet and sour cauliflower and the best Cay Lime pie in town, it is also a must try for those who seek fine dining in a rustic yet elegant and romantic setting. 


Source: The Hidden Treasure Restaurant & Lounge

The restaurant features an exotic hardwood roof set off by bamboo, mahogany, and cabbage-bark wood. The experience includes complimentary shuttle service for a driver to take visitors back to the dock after dinner. 

Consider booking your visit around the entertainment from local musicians on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The location covers south of San Pedro Town and with its off the beaten path location and delicious cuisine, The Hidden Treasure Restaurant & Lounge is a safe and great place to visit during a trip to San Pedro Belize

  • TOAST Seaside Boozery and Grill

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.5 (96 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“Amazing place, local vibe, friendly, great place to meet friends new and old, good food, good prices, on the beach…we go almost every day at some point. Live entertainment, karaoke and more. You haven’t been to Ambergris Caye until you’ve been to Toast. Favorite hang out on the island!”


Source: Anthony Lopez

If you’re looking for a great spot to experience a beach day and local culture, TOAST Seaside Boozery and Grill is a great option. 

It’s also very close to Victoria House Resort & Spa. Many visitors rave about the friendly and accommodating staff here that is very different from a 5-star hotel. Whether you’re there for a night of Stupid Trivia or karaoke, or just looking for a great meal, TOAST has something for everyone.


Source: Beverly Huang

The Caesar salad with blackened snapper is a popular choice, and the menu overall offers a good mix of light and hearty options. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, with live music often playing, and plenty of activities like cornhole and water games to keep both kids and adults entertained. 

TOAST is also highly recommended for its helpful and welcoming local patrons, who are happy to offer travel advice. While some visitors found the food to be somewhat Americanized and average, the vast majority of reviews rave about the excellent service and friendly atmosphere TOAST has to offer.

  • Fishing & Snorkeling with Wicked Adventures Of Belize

 If you want to have more things to do rather than just laid back activities in San Pedro Belize Resorts, there is one top ranking tour agent: Wicked Adventure of Belize, which is also very close to Victoria House Resort. You can consider reaching out to them for a 1 day adventure.

Google Local Guide Reviews:  5.0 (26 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“Our guides Pancho and Alex were extremely professional and went above and beyond to give us a day full of wonderful memories. The trip started with a rainstorm that made us run for cover but did not deter us from the mission to successfully catch lots of fish for lunch. Snorkeling with rays and nurse sharks only a few feet away was exciting while a bit unnerving. (The reef was not as we had hoped but that was not the fault of our guides but of environmental neglect.) Watching Alex dive for conch and lobster was entertaining and we are sure he has hidden gills behind his ears. The secluded beach where we had lunch was truly a special gift. Chef Pancho whipped up the finest (and quickest) meal in Belize!  If you want a special day and not a trip dictated by the whim of strangers, Wicked Adventures is the best choice by far!”


Wicked Adventures of Belize provides an exceptional fishing and snorkeling experience in the waters around Ambergris Caye. 

The company is run by locals who have an extensive knowledge of the area and can take clients to secret spots where they can enjoy fantastic snorkeling, fishing, and even swimming with manatees, bat rays, stingrays, and sea turtles. 

The company has been awarded the Gold Standard Tourism Health & Safety Medal, ensuring that all necessary Covid-19 safety measures are in place. The boats are equipped with reliable brands of gear, and the team is well-experienced with the ability to handle any situation out at sea.


Source: Wicked Adventure of Belize

The tours are private, which means clients can enjoy the flexibility of customizing the itinerary, choosing exactly what they want to do and see. In addition to fishing and snorkeling, the company also offers beach barbecues for lunch. Clients can enjoy freshly caught fish, conch ceviche, and guacamole, all prepared on board. 

The company has received a lot of positive feedback from satisfied clients, who rave about the professionalism and personable nature of the guides, as well as the quality of the service. All in all, Wicked Adventures of Belize is the go-to fishing and snorkeling tour operator for anyone looking for an exceptional experience in the waters around Ambergris Caye.

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Neighborhood: Middle of San Pedro Belize

If you want to stay somewhere close to the San Pedro Airport and also enjoy the nice beach, the middle section of this coastal town also has a range of amazing resorts and hotels that offer comfortable accommodation, food and things to do options.  

  • Ramons Village Resort

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.6 (895 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“I have been coming to Ramons since 2004, so let’s start with location; I don’t think there is a better location on the island, period. The service is unmatched, from the maintenance folks to the room service to the restaurant (Pineapples) all top notch. The location is perfect, literally steps from the water, and the best dock on the whole island, complete with full outfit dive center…. this is the must place to stay (get the jungle room)”


Source: Mary Love

Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro Belize is a highly recommended choice for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. 

This resort offers modern amenities and breathtaking views, allowing guests to settle in for a day of fun in the sun on the beach. The resort is also home to Ramon’s Village Divers, Belize’s oldest and most respected dive center, which attracts divers from all over the world to explore the spectacular dive sites in the area. 

The property is beautifully landscaped with lush gardens of hibiscus, crotons, and orchids, creating a tropical oasis that is just steps away from its sister property by Steve Sherwin. Ramon’s Village Resort VP of Operations Richard Headrick, a world-traveler and longtime owner of Ramon’s Village, passed away on October 5, 2020. He was a tremendous investor in Belize’s tourism industry, and under his leadership, Ramon’s Village grew to become one of the most respected and prestigious resorts in Belize. 


Source: Gize

The resort is styled after the Tahitian cottages on the Polynesian island of Bora Bora, and the cabanas are built from native materials by craftsmen who utilize the same skill and techniques the islanders used during the days of the great sailing ships. 

The restaurant on site, Pineapples, offers exceptional food and service, and the coffee bar is well stocked for those who want an extra pick-me-up. While the beach is on the windy side of the island and at times may be covered with seaweed, the resort offers opportunities to swim in clearer water at the end of the dock. 

The resort is conveniently close to town yet feels very secluded, and getting around Ambergris Caye is easy with golf cart rentals offered right at the resort.

  • Blue Water Grill

If you want to find some local vibes at a restaurant nearby Ramons Village Resort, I highly recommend you to try Blue Water Grill! 

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.5 (689 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“Absolutely outstanding octopus, red snapper, steak, ribs, shrimp salad..the best meal I’ve had in Belize and in a long time.  I would highly recommend this place and plan on coming back on a Tuesday/Friday for their sushi! Update: we went back for a second meal because it was so good…more photos posted. Ronny was our waiter both nights…he was great”


Source: David Levy

Blue Water Grill in San Pedro Belize is considered a “must try” by both locals and visitors. 

It is a beachfront restaurant that offers the best sushi in town. The restaurant also boasts a regular menu that offers great pizza, seafood, and something for everyone. 

In addition to great food, Blue Water Grill is also known for hosting fun and extravagant parties. What sets this restaurant apart from others is their generosity towards local charities, youth groups, and teams.


Source: Dr JoAn Monaco

The owners, Kelly and Mukul, are warm, funny, and generous people who go above and beyond to support their community. The restaurant also supports local artists and showcases their work throughout the establishment. 

Another noteworthy feature is the stand they take for what is right, encouraging the community to speak up and make San Pedro and Belize a better place. Blue Water Grill is also open for all meals, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and offers great souvenirs such as hats, sweatshirts, and shirts. 

  • Belize Diving Adventures

Belize Diving Adventures is a highly recommended and reputable diving center located nearby Ramons Village Resort

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.8 (48 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“My family and I have been diving for 20 Years. On January 24th. 2023 we dove with Belize Diving Adventures. I have to say everything about that dive was amazing! From Enes meeting us at the airport and taking us straight to the boat. She communicated with us when we were making the dive arrangements and booked flights for us. The crew at Belize Diving Adventures were Absolutely Fantastic! It was the best two dives we have ever been on!!!  We saw every kind of wildlife and the reef was gorgeous! Their gear is great and they made it possible for us to dive with them even though we were on a cruise. They are Organized. Professional, and seriously we will always remember this dive!”


Source: Michelle Dennison

The team at Belize Diving Adventures provides excellent personalized customer service and offers a range of tours and activities to accommodate various skill levels and interests. 

They ensure a safe and exhilarating experience for their guests while exploring the beautiful marine life of Belize. The dive center has spacious boats, and their guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and safety-conscious.


Source: Roselyne Soto

Belize Diving Adventures offers a variety of courses, certification programs, and e-learning resources for those interested in taking their diving skills to the next level. The dive center is situated in a safe and tranquil town by the second-largest barrier reef in the world. 

The team at Belize Diving Adventures is dedicated to enhancing their guests’ diving experience, and they offer many resources to achieve that. Belize Diving Adventures is undoubtedly one of the best diving choices in San Pedro Belize


If you want to know more about the rest of the neighborhoods and more cool spots, feel free to download our full San Pedro Belize itinerary in Google Maps for FREE.

If you’re a starter to San Pedro Belize and want to visit some famous attractions, you can explore the Belize Barrier Reef. Snorkeling or diving are the best ways to do so. Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Mexico Rocks are the recommended snorkel spots.

We recommend fishing in the itinerary, which is a popular activity that includes options such as deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, spearfishing, and fishing off a dock. The Truck Stop is a popular food truck garden with a variety of options, including a bar, ice cream shop, and pool, while The Belize Chocolate Company offers daily classes on how to make chocolate. 

Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation and strongly recommended to explore the island. Visitors should visit Secret Beach, approximately a 30-minute bumpy golf cart ride to the north, which has quiet beaches with clear blue waters and overwater bars and restaurants. Finally, art lovers will be happy to attend a painting workshop with Melody at the Belizean Melody Art Gallery. 

Enjoy your laid-back vacation in San Pedro Belize.

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