30 Real Tests & Reviews: 2024 Best Travel Affiliate Programs
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2024 Best Travel Affiliate Programs|Real Tests & Reviews

We tested and applied to 30 well-known travel affiliate programs which were selected as potential contenders based on commissions and brand reputation. Just like other creators, we experienced rejections, data tracking failures, long wait times with no response from customer support, and confusing onboarding procedures. So we decided to summarize all our experiences in this blog, hoping to help you to choose the best travel affiliate programs for you.

After months of testing and weighing the options, we will share 3 travel affiliate programs that gave us the most unpleasant experience, and 4 of the best travel affiliate programs that we highly recommend.

Best Travel Affiliate Program – Testing Method

Our content strengths are mainly focused on website traffic, so in the application process we are using NanoWhat’s website data for the qualification assessment. FYI – NanoWhat had 46K users in 2023 and 4.4K repeat customers.

If your content is primarily promoted on social media, you can apply using your social platforms with the most followers, but it’s worth noting that many travel brand affiliate programs require applicants to provide their website information, which is not very friendly to content creators without a website.

And just for the record, this blog does not receive any kickbacks for the information we’re providing. All brand reviews mentioned in this blog are from our real experiences and are based on personal opinions.

NOT Recommended Travel Affiliate Programs


Kiwi.com (previously known as skypicker.com) is a Czech online travel agency providing a fare aggregator, metasearch engine, and booking capabilities for airline tickets and ground transportation. 

We chose them because their travel affiliate program’s contract terms made sense for our use case since their partnership platform – Tequila, had an interface that is friendly and easy to use, as well as offering an API integration for easy access to flight information.

The application and registration process was generally smooth, but what really surprised us was the lack of communication later when we attempted to use their program. There was a lot of room for improvement in terms of transparency and their poor affiliate support was a turnoff.

Our usual practice is to do a test run before we start promoting a new partner. So, we generated a unique track link on Tequila to purchase a product from Kiwi.com and waited to see if the sales and conversion data would be displayed on our dashboard accurately and in a timely manner. It’s important to note that you must follow the brand’s affiliate marketing guidelines to make a qualified booking. 

However, after the booking was completed, our affiliate income never appeared on our dashboard and we started seeking help by raising tickets. Until now, we still have not received any reply.

best travel affiliate programs kiwi

We understand that Kiwi just faced a large number of staff layoffs in 2024 that may have affected their travel affiliate program, so maybe it was bad timing, or we were just unlucky, either way, this experience makes it hard to recommend their travel affiliate program.


Priceline is an online company that provides hotel reservations and air ticket services to a wide range of customers. Along with hotel rooms and flights, they can also be used to book cars. 


We chose to apply for their travel affiliate program after seeing their name in several blogs recommending travel affiliate programs, and after checking out some of the relevant information about their brand and business record, we decided to give it a try!


This is their partner solution website, where you can sign up to become their travel affiliate partner.

best travel affiliate programs priceline

After carefully answering all the questions, filling out the application form and clicking “Submit” the website said: “We will get back to you”. That was all.

We went back to our email and there was no confirmation message from Priceline to tell us that our application had been received or was under review, and 5 months later, we still haven’t received any update on our application, neither a “no” nor a “yes”!

We understand that brands may be faced with too many applications and can’t accept them all, but a travel tech company as prominent as Priceline should at least be able to figure out how to send an auto-reply email, right? Totally ignoring applicants who spent time and effort filling out the application on their website is unacceptable. For this attitude towards collaboration, we can’t recommend the program.


Kayak is a metasearch engine for travel services, including flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. It is owned and operated by Booking Holdings.

We were familiar with Kayak as a customer, having purchased good deals on flights in the past. We wanted to see if their affiliate program could match our existing expectations as satisfied buyers. The application process was pretty straightforward, we entered our website info, traffic, and all the other KPIs that we thought could help us be accepted into their program. 

We received Kayak’s auto-email notification immediately to confirm they received our application. That’s all, since then, we haven’t heard anything from them after 3 months. Maybe they’re too busy, and we can handle a rejection, but no answer at all just left a bad taste in our mouth. So we can’t recommend their travel affiliate program.

best travel affiliate programs kayak

The Best Travel Affiliate Programs 

More and more travel brands are handing over their affiliate programs to third-party platforms or Travel Affiliate Program Marketplaces, these include industry OG – Travelpayouts, and new pioneers of revamped travel affiliate programs – Travelike.me, plus several others.

The beauty of using an affiliate program network is that you can apply to be an affiliate, but also look for other brands within their network. It saves some research time, but you still need to apply for the individual brand deal and get approval before starting to earn commissions or rewards.

In our recommendations for the best travel affiliate programs, there are independent brands’ affiliate programs, and also affiliate network platforms, so you can choose according to your needs.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 4 travel affiliate programs from our first-hand experience using them. 



This is the fastest, most creator-friendly, and best travel affiliate program we’ve found so far. We recommend them because you can secure your own brand deal and paid links quickly on their website, and best of all, they are just as friendly to social media creators as they are to web bloggers. 

The Travelike.me travel affiliate network connects you to big brands and smaller independent travel product providers. Plus, they have a one-stop social commerce tool for creators that makes use of an Instagram mirror grid, which many other websites charge a monthly fee for. Travelike.me gives travel creators & influencers a lot of perks for $0 subscription fees.

best travel affiliate programs travelikeme

Another big win is you don’t need to have a website or a minimum number of followers to apply for their affiliate programs, which is very considerate for many newbie creators. Just choose your paid deal from their brand list that matches your own content (destinations, hotels, activities, etc.) and confirm the deal terms. You can instantly connect your unique affiliate links to posts using the Instagram or TikTok mirror grid. Just place your personalized Travelike.me profile page link in your social media bio. That’s all, it’s so easy to kick start your affiliate income earnings.

PS: While there aren’t many brands to choose from at the moment, in our case, it’s actually simpler and cleaner for us to use. And I hear more are being added soon.

Recommendation: 5 ★


GetYourGuide stands out as one of the best travel affiliate programs due to its exceptional product coverage and features. We have access to a wide range of activities and tours worldwide, making it so pain-free to find the right activities that match our content, and attract a diverse audience. 

best travel affiliate programs getyourguide

The approval process is smooth and test bookings showed up on our dashboard within 24 hours. That’s really exciting to us, and the report interface is also user friendly, we can clearly find all our user data as well as which products were purchased.

The commission rate for the GetYourGuide travel affiliate program is also not bad, they offer 8%. Compared to other similar programs, we found them to be simple and competitive. One thing to note is their $50 threshold for payouts, so you should plan to be serious about putting effort into promoting their products (or be patient).

Overall GetYourGuide has a very intuitive platform and in-depth reporting tools, affiliates can easily track their performance and optimize their strategies. 

Recommendation: 4.8 ★


Impact.com is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform with recruiting, link tracking, payouts, and reporting from one central hub.

After much market research and checking creators’ reviews, we decided to apply for Impact with the intention of giving it a try since we had never heard of their brand previously. The whole process went very smoothly, it was a bit cumbersome and awkward to navigate their platform at first, but in the end it was a success!

Once you’ve been approved and verified, you can search for the brands you want to work with, most of the travel brands are under the category “Vacation” – see below:best travel affiliate programs impact

What we really like about Impact are their advanced tools and customer support. There are some tracking issues that happened in the beginning when we ran our test. So we created a ticket and sent it to their support team for help. Impact replied within 24 hours and finally resolved the issue. 

PS: There are many brands to choose from on Impact, which you need to apply for individually. We got 1 approval and 2 rejections. Fair enough.

Recommendation: 4.8 ★


Every creator’s situation is different. If you’re looking to promote a destination, we recommend you to consider a flight affiliate marketing program, and Skyscanner is one of the best travel affiliate programs we have used so far.

We like them for the simple reason that their commissions are the highest among all the travel affiliate programs we applied for and they cover a ton of travel products. Their affiliate program guide is very clear and the contract terms are not very restrictive, which gives creators a lot of room to make a profit.

best travel affiliate programs skyscanner

PS: We were successful in our application through Impact, but the waiting time was longer than other travel affiliate programs.

Recommendation:  4.9 ★

Choosing The Best Travel Affiliate Program For You 

There’s no such thing as the best, only the best for you.

Selecting the best travel affiliate program for your content and business requires careful consideration and research. Understand who your audience is and what their travel interests are. This will help you align your content with the right affiliate program that offers relevant travel products and services.

Some popular travel affiliate networks include Commission Junction, ShareASale, and Travelpayouts, but we tried all of them and the results didn’t really align with our expectations. That doesn’t mean their programs are not good, they just didn’t include the travel products or services we were looking for. 

In addition to commissions and products, we think a good affiliate program should provide robust tracking and reporting tools. These tools allow you to monitor your performance, track clicks and conversions, and optimize your promotion plans accordingly. Look for programs that offer reliable tracking technology and detailed reporting features.

Remember, selecting the best travel affiliate program is a process of trial and error. It’s essential to experiment, analyze data, and make adjustments based on your audience’s response and your business goals. Happy referring & safe travels!

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