Costa Brava? Or Menorca? Which Is Better For A Luxury Spain Holiday?

Costa Brava? Or Menorca? Which Is Better For A Luxury Spain Holiday?

First time visiting Costa Brava, Spain for a beach holiday? Or not sure if you should take the plunge and buy those flights to Menorca?

How to choose among all the beautiful islands, coastlines, and beaches in Spain? Should we go to Costa Brava, Menorca, or La Gomera? Any clear differences to lean one way or the other?

Today, we’ll share details to help you choose between Spanish beaches so beautiful that it’s hard to declare a winner.

Strap on your scuba gear, let’s dive in!


Costa Brava

Travel Creator Genalda writes about her Costa Brava Spain travel map

“I used a lot of wide-angle lenses in Costa Brava, and took many photos of Costa Brava’s coasts. Every road, every small village, and every beach here are all alarmingly beautiful!“

It’s a combination of ancient Roman, Greek and Iberian archaeological sites. The scenery sometimes makes you hallucinate, and you can’t really tell which corner of Europe you are in, but maybe that’s the reason it makes travelers feel like a true wanderer.


What’s not to love about unique ruins surrounded by beaches and bays? Your Costa Brava holiday options come loaded with backdrops of the spectacular Mediterranean scenery.

costa-brava-beachSource: Luis Vidilla via Goggle Maps

If you are looking for a holiday destination that has not yet been urbanized, Costa Brava Spain will not let you down! 


Costa Brava Food

Another London Girl and NanoWhat Creator, Saanvi, jumped on a flight to Costa Brava because of the food!

costa-brava-restaurantSource: Restaurant Can Bach via Goggle Maps

The best restaurants in Costa Brava are not located in skyscrapers, or by exquisite floor-to-ceiling windows.

Costa Brava restaurants are built in red clay houses, beside quiet streets, and in yards with hundred-year-old trees.The backdrop of this ancient city mixes beautiful scenery, food and architecture – all perfectly combined.

Sitting in the sun, in the village, on the rocks, by the vibrant Spanish beaches, tasting seafood of various colors, ham, and desserts, I can’t find words to describe the wonderful feeling.

I don’t know if it’s because the chefs of Costa Brava stay true to the city’s history. Combining Italian enthusiasm, Spanish art and Greek simplicity. I can’t find such a gourmet experience in any other city!

costa-brava-restaurantSource: Xavier Pla via Goggle Maps



Menorca is the second largest in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, and it’s also the favorite leisure garden of native Spaniards.

With clear water, fine sand, and steep cliffs, the Spanish beaches of Menorca are as beautiful as a painting!


In the S’Albufera de Es Grau National Park, there is a small white fishing village called Es Grau. Next to the beautiful coast and sandy beach, quiet and peaceful. From the fishing village, by kayaking, you can explore the stunning bays and exotic islands around you. There are many caves on the island, which were once inhabited, and there are still many carvings on the rocks, which are very interesting.

Another amazing attraction in Menorca is the Naveta d’es Tudons, a thousand-year-old tomb, one of the oldest structures in the world!

Travel Creator Rhea shared her Ultimate Menorcan Beach Experience which includes honest reviews of several spots on the island.

The cave bar she visited is definitely the star attraction in Menorca! It was built on a cliff surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and it can only be entered by climbing up the steps of the cliff.

Menorca-spain-cliff-restaurantSource: Cova d’en Xoroi via Goggle Maps

Open her map, you can see 27 treasured places recommended personally by Rhea, click “FOLLOW” to save it in your own Google Maps, and never worry about losing this easy to use travel map.


Click any of the locations to read all the reviews with photos from 1k+ Google Local Guide around the world.


Rhea said her Menorcan Experience includes:

  • Picturesque beach with white sand & turquoise waters ideal for swimming & scuba diving
  • Striped lighthouse on a rocky seaside perch in an isolated area popular for photos & cycling
  • Cove featuring turquoise-blue water surrounded by flat, tiered cliffs with ladders to the water
  • Scenic bay in a cove with a golden-sand beach with rock formations, reached by footpath
  • Clear blue water for swimming & sandy areas for sunbathing
  • Unique and interesting things to see and do in and around the island
  • Restaurant and bar recommendations including one of the best vegetarian menus in Menorca & monkfish croquettes that had me drooling

Follow her list of spots, much like Rhea, you’ll fall in love with this little island in the Mediterranean. Covered in lush greenery, come to discover the most beautiful Menorcan beaches. 

Be prepared to never want to leave!


Your luxury Spain holiday is waiting!

But have you made up your mind between the inviting waters of Costa Brava Spain or are you ready to hit ‘book’ on those flights to Menorca?

If you want to choose swimming, diving, and water sports, then Menorca has more beaches suitable for such options.

If you like beaches between cliffs, scenery, mountain views, history, and amazing food, then Costa Brava is definitely the best choice!

If you’re still not convinced and like black sand beaches, you better check out La Gomera. Check out Luky & Tyler’s new map La Gomera – 20 Best Things To Do in the Canary Islands.

And, if you need a custom travel itineraries made just for you, NanoWhat can help you plan an itinerary for the perfect vacation anywhere in the world.

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