NanoWhat FAQs​

Love a city? Tell your story through a travel map.

Exploring a city? Choose a travel itinerary that fits your style.

NanoWhat Map Guidelines

NanoWhat encourages the discovery of local experiences and exploration of hidden gems.

We respect each creator’s map, but all maps submitted on NanoWhat’s platform undergo review before publishing. This is to ensure the product is aligned with NanoWhat brand standards.

We encourage you to read NanoWhat’s map guidelines carefully before creating and uploading maps.

Prohibited Content:

– Popular theme park chains
– One-off or popup events & activities
– Dangerous or unsafe locations or activities
– Discriminatory or controversial locations or events
– Any location or activity associated with drugs, pornography, illegal gambling, or crime
– Any false claims or advertising information

If your map contains any of the above, it will not be approved!

Discouraged Content:

1. Theme Parks
2. Tourist Attractions
3. Famous Landmark Buildings
4. Restaurant chains, cafe & bar chains
5. Hotel chains

All NanoWhat maps list the number of included places in the product description.

If more than 50% of a map’s locations are from the ‘discouraged content’ list (or more than 5 locations from the ‘discouraged content’ list) your map will not be approved!

If your map doesn’t include any locations from the ‘discouraged content list’ then we request a minimum of 6 spots per map. 

If your map includes any locations from the ‘discouraged content list’ then we request a minimum of 11 spots per map.

Whether you’re shopping for a map, or creating a map, it’s important to understand what kind of places belong on a NanoWhat map.

The easiest way to do this is by downloading a free map, here is a good example: Hot Local Philly Fishtown Food & Bars

Some examples of locations:

  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Hiking trails
  • Hard to find beaches
  • Local shops & services
  • Spots to snap a perfect picture
  • Unique activities
  • Music venues
  • Cultural experiences
  • Camping sites
  • And more…

What’s NOT a location:

  • Entire city
  • Any place without an address (which can’t be found on Google Maps)
  • General food category or activity category

Remember, travellers are looking for recommendations on where to go during their explorations. They need specific advice that can be found using a map.


We understand that Creators and Map Makers publish content on many different channels. You may already be telling your followers about your cool places on Instagram, YouTube, a personal blog or many other online platforms.

NanoWhat does not require content to be exclusive, but we do reserve the right to refuse publishing maps that do not meet our standard guidelines.

If the map locations are publicly available on your other channels – you may want to ask yourself “Why will someone buy this map if they can get all the spots for free from my YouTube?” 

FAQs on Buying Creator Maps

Maps are sold as digital downloads. After making a payment (or downloading a free map) you will get access to a link. This link can be opened in your Google Maps account, and saved by clicking ‘Follow’

Google maps is a terrific platform for finding a single location, getting directions or saving your favorite places.

But NanoWhat is a platform to connect locals who like to make Google Map Lists, with travellers who want to get quick and easy access to a curated collection of places.

You can support creators you like by purchasing access to a Google Map they made, so you can see the world through their eyes. 

NanoWhat encourages our community of online map buyers and sellers to connect and get to know each other.

Check the seller’s shop page for email or social media links. Or use the ‘Discussions’ tab under the product you’re interested in buying to directly ask the Creator a question.

If you can’t find the info you need, use our NanoWhat Contact Form and our team will help start the conversation.

You need to use Google Maps to view your NanoWhat Map. Although you can view the map without having a Google Account, it’s best if you have a free Google email, so you can ‘Follow’ the map and it will saved to your account.

If you follow a list made by someone else, their saved places will show up in Your Places. The places also appear as suggested locations in Google Maps.

  1. Open the list.
  2. At the top, click Follow. This list will now be added to the group of lists you follow.

FAQs on Selling Creator Maps

Selling your NanoWhat Local City Maps is easy. It requires two things:

  1. A free Google Maps account where you created at least 1 list of places
  2. A free NanoWhat Vendor account

If you’re not sure how to make a list of places using Google Maps, check out these simple instructions.

And when you’re ready to share your hidden gems with the world, set up your NanoWhat Vendor account.

Setting up a shop is FREE. And as the map Creator, you can choose your own selling price (but you will notice most maps on NanoWhat selling between $1-$5)

We keep a 40% percent commission on each map sold to cover the costs of the running the platform, you get the other 60%

You can track all your map sales in your vendor dashboard. When your earnings reach the $50 minimum balance, you can request a withdrawal. 

Double check to ensure all your account details are correct before requesting the withdrawal. NanoWhat will not be responsible for issues caused by vendor errors.

Currently, there is no charge to withdraw your earnings via bank transfer. But if you choose the PayPal option – NanoWhat will deduct a $6 fee per withdrawal.

Buyers will ‘follow’ your Google Map List, which means it will be saved to their Google Maps account, but it will be credited to you.

By posting your map for sale, you agree to not delete the list. But you can make changes (like adding new places or deleting closed businesses.)

Buyers can’t make changes to your map, they can only view it, as long as you turn off ‘link allows editing’ when you share your Google Maps link.

Vendors who delete maps may be a risk of being removed from the platform.

When listing a map, we encourage you to include FAQs about the product as well as provide a detailed and authentic description. This is your chance to tell the world why you love your city or how much fun people will have if they visit the places on your map.

You can also include contact details in your shop page bio. This includes social media links, blogs, and your email address. If you need help updating your bio, please reach out to the NanoWhat Team.

If buyers reach out to us with questions about a map you are selling, we will pass on the info to you. 


There are alot of factors that contribute to crafting a desirable product. From the photos, to the pricing, to the map description. We encourage our NanoWhat Creators to curate collections of places you genuinely love. These should be local spots you would suggest to a good friend planning a visit to your city.

We put together some helpful guidelines for selling your neighborhood map and recommend to check it out if you want to understand what motivates city explorers to make a purchase.