Medellin – 1st Trip as Couple

Medellin - 1st Trip as Couple Help us explore Medellin, Columbia. This is our first trip out of the country as a couple. Neither of us have traveled before. We would love a lot of food places/activities, and things that are a must for visiting this city.

Professors in Edinburgh

Professors in Edinburgh Hello, we're 3 friends who love to eat and drink. We're looking for things to do in Edinburgh. Two of us are professors of gender studies so anything feminism related would be right up our alley. We will be in Edinburgh from April 14 to the 27th.

Traveling to Ozarks for Fall Foliage

Traveling to Ozarks for Fall Foliage Yes, I've watched all the seasons of Ozark on Netflix, and now I'm wondering if any of these places exist for real? Or at least anything similar? Changing leaves on the lake, seedy local casinos, or other seasonal specialities are much appreciated.

Great Barrier Reef Getaway

Great Barrier Reef Getaway My trip to Australia will obviously be centered around snorkeling, beaches, and encounters with local wildlife. But I'm looking for suggestions on the best spots recommended to see nature at its fullest and promote sustainable travel & local businesses.

Porto Beaches and Sunsets

Porto Beaches and Sunsets Hopeless romantic, traveling from London to Porto Portugal for a short, but much needed holiday. It's my first solo trip, and I'm a single lady looking to discover a warm and welcoming side of the city.

Family Fall in Montreal

Family Fall in Montreal I'm ready to cross the border for the first time in to Canada!!! I've booked a trip on the Amtrak Adirondack train from NYC in October. I'll be traveling with my hubbie and our 6 year old son. They both love sports and hamburgers. And I love any place that keeps my...