Medellin – 1st Trip as Couple

Medellin - 1st Trip as Couple Help us explore Medellin, Columbia. This is our first trip out of the country as a couple. Neither of us have traveled before. We would love a lot of food places/activities, and things that are a must for visiting this city.

Washington DC Graduation Trip

Washington DC Graduation Trip Hello, I have my graduation in May and I'm an online student but I'm attending the ceremony in Washington DC. I'm traveling with Friends and Family and it will be our first time there. We arrive Wednesday night, Graduation is on Thursday at 4:00 pm and we leave on Sunday. We want...

Rotterdam or Amsterdam?

Rotterdam or Amsterdam? Amsterdam seems like a lot of hype. So I wanna visit Rotterdam, which I've heard is pretty cool, but many people can't believe I would skip Amsterdam and choose Rotterdam instead. Help me put together a map of Rotterdam that proves it's the winner.

Great Barrier Reef Getaway

Great Barrier Reef Getaway My trip to Australia will obviously be centered around snorkeling, beaches, and encounters with local wildlife. But I'm looking for suggestions on the best spots recommended to see nature at its fullest and promote sustainable travel & local businesses.

Minneapolis Prince Pilgrimage

Minneapolis Prince Pilgrimage My friends all think I'm a little crazy, but I'm planning a trip to Minneapolis just so I can pay tribute to Prince. I need to know all the REAL spots where he performed, lived and hung out. I don't want some off the shelf tour, I want the locations only a true...