Washington DC Graduation Trip

Washington DC Graduation Trip Hello, I have my graduation in May and I'm an online student but I'm attending the ceremony in Washington DC. I'm traveling with Friends and Family and it will be our first time there. We arrive Wednesday night, Graduation is on Thursday at 4:00 pm and we leave on Sunday. We want...

Professors in Edinburgh

Professors in Edinburgh Hello, we're 3 friends who love to eat and drink. We're looking for things to do in Edinburgh. Two of us are professors of gender studies so anything feminism related would be right up our alley. We will be in Edinburgh from April 14 to the 27th.

Rotterdam or Amsterdam?

Rotterdam or Amsterdam? Amsterdam seems like a lot of hype. So I wanna visit Rotterdam, which I've heard is pretty cool, but many people can't believe I would skip Amsterdam and choose Rotterdam instead. Help me put together a map of Rotterdam that proves it's the winner.

Cool things to do in Dallas

Cool things to do in Dallas I want to go horseback riding in Dallas, any locals that can suggest the best ranches and trails for a novice? Other things to do in Dallas after a day in the sun would be greatly appreciated. Looking for a perfect long weekend with the kids and hubby. Visiting from...

1st time to Morocco

1st time to Morocco Really clueless about what's touristy stuff I should avoid vs the places locals love. Traveling with my boyfriend and 1 other couple. We're down for a little adventure. All I know is I want to ride a camel at some point during the trip ;)