Krabi vs Phuket : Local experiences you can’t miss in 2022

Krabi vs Phuket : Local experiences you can’t miss in 2022

The southern tip of Thailand has been one of the most popular spots for vacationers. The sheer amount of options available is just unreal. And these options are courtesy of two strong contenders.

Fighting for the crown of Ultimate Travel Destination 2022

Krabi vs Phuket

Divided by the Phang Nga Bay, these twin travel spots are identical, but there are subtle differences if you look closer. That’s precisely what we’ll talk about today.

Budgeting for Krabi vs Phuket

Krabi is relatively new. That means Phuket can and does demand premium prices for similar experiences.

For reference, an average 4-star hotel in Phuket costs twice (THB 1000 vs. 500) in Krabi. Owing to the brand and popularity of the former.

An advantage to Phuket comes in the form of more accommodation options for 3 star or local properties.

Overall we’d say, If you have plans for luxurious, sophisticated accommodation with family or friends, Phuket won’t disappoint you. If you’re a traveler already budgeting for your next trip, Krabi might save you a couple more bucks.


Unique local experiences in Krabi vs Phuket

This Southern tip of Asia not only has experiences that can take your breath away. The volume of activities on offer cannot even be counted in one long breath.

So, no matter if you’re an adventure seeker or an explorer hungry for experiences, Phuket and Krabi have a lot on offer.

Starting with Phuket, it has:

Flying hanuman: With head-turning views of tropical forests and islands on the other side, this 1-2 hour zip line will arrest your adventure spirit. It’s not just a 2-second bird’s eye view ride.

It is a package with wilderness walks, viewpoints, and spiral stairways. With round trip hotel transfer, fruits from the tropical forest, and a pre-set meal on the way, it’d be a crime to miss this experience.

Kayaking in Phuket Islands: The shallow turquoise water of the Andaman sea makes Kayaking a must-do experience in Phuket.

This is an exceptional adventure in the realest sense, with hidden gems, sea rocks, and unexplored caves to take your boat into.

The best islands to explore in your Kayaks are James Bond and Phi-Phi. It’s recommended to take a pre-organized tour or instructor because the tides can get pretty unforgiving on some days.

Scuba Diving in the Andaman Sea: Take a deep dive into the crystal clear waters of the Andaman. You’ll get glistening views of lavender-colored coral reefs in Hin Muang and exotic marine life along a steep wall in Hin Daeng.

Snorkeling is also an alternative to exploring aquatic life. Coral islands and Banana bay are popular spots because you can experience marine life to its maximum without diving deeper.

November to April is the best time to dive into these islands underwater. Visibility is maximum, and exotic aquatic species can be found just along the surface.

If Phuket wasn’t adventurous enough for you, wait till you see what you can do in Krabi:

Tree top adventures: It’s time to live your ultimate Jungle Book or Tarzan(whatever you’re comfortable with!) moment.

Tree top adventures are the best way to experience how species other than ours experience forest life.

You can go from tree to tree on suspension bridges or read a book in a comfy net held together by ropes tied to tropical trees.

Would you believe it if we told you that you could ride a bicycle suspended 8 mtrs above the ground? No, right?

But it’s true and what adds to the zing & pep of Krabi is rock climbing and zip-lining through the tropical treasures.

Bungee Jumping: Although bungee is supposed to be an old-school activity, what Krabi offers is in line with global recognition. At the height of 56m, you don’t just dive; slicing air-you can also kiss the water gently on your way down.

It’s noteworthy to mention that this is the highest bungee jump in Thailand and 5th highest in Asia.

If you don’t want to dive from the highest point, you still have the option to do it with serene views of the Andaman sea. Go for bungee jumping from the limestone cliffs instead.

Exploring the caves: With equal parts dense forest covers and limestone cliff scenery, there’s a lot to explore in Krabi when you decide to go under cover (literally!).

These caves are tied to the history of Krabi. The cultural significance has led to opening them up to the general public.

While Viking caves are famous for their pre-historic drawings, Diamond caves bring out the best of beautiful rocks and stones.

You can explore most caves on foot, but some limestone caves can also be explored via kayaks and yachts. If you’re feeling too adventurous, you can scuba dive and explore caves underwater too.


Reaching the Southern Tips of Thailand

From Bangkok to Phuket

Via flight-You can reach Phuket in 1.5 hours via a flight from the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Via bus- 10-13 hours from Bangkok through Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal.

From Bangkok to Krabi

Via flight– Reach Krabi in 1.5 hours by taking a flight from Don Mueang Airport.

Via bus– 12 hours to reach Krabi from the Southern Bus Terminal Sai Tai Mai


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