Magic Maps – From a Peru Trip to the Chance to Visit Jordan

Magic Maps – From a Peru Trip to the Chance to Visit Jordan


This map is magic; can you believe it?


Visit Jordan

Katie said:

Visit Jordan – follow my map, lie in the jacuzzi, hold a champagne, and enjoy the view of Mars!

No need to carry a heavy oxygen tank, this big bubble has the magic power to make you fall into a dream instantly.

At night, look at the stars in the universe above your head, and then be awakened by the red sunrise, open the door, a black horse is waiting for you to ride, taking you to explore the red depths of this mysterious planet.

Your view is endless, full of meteorite craters, lava plains, and huge canyons. It looks like the fiery red light of Mars, the god of war. That mysterious brilliance has always attracted people. Human beings have endless reverie for this planet.


In this map, you can find all the information you need about these mysterious bubbles, as well as reviews left by other earthlings.

Review From Safir Masri, just 2 months ago on Google Maps:

“What a wonderful stay! Everything from the beautiful accommodation and views to the helpful and hospitable staff, this place is a paradise on earth and it is worth every penny. If u want to enjoy the adventures of the Petra and be pampered after, this is definitely the place to be. It was so clean and beautiful room bubbles, watching the stars in night sky is so magical! The manager was more than so helpful, polit, humble and ready for any request. The food is delicious and alot of varieties. To make the story short: DON’T THINK TWICE, RECOMMENDED.”

View and download Katie’s Magic Map for free – Best Jordan Desert Stay | Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel and More


Bali Resorts

Stepping into a Boeing plane parked on a cliff, do you dare to walk the wing and go all the way to the end?

Bali resorts are known to face the ocean, opening their arms, they let in the sea breeze and blow you away with their roaring voice. Faced with endless blue waters, whose name would you yell out?

The world’s top photographers, as well as travel bloggers like Wong are keen to explore the island’s mysterious hidden gems and the most unique accommodation experiences.


View and download The 10 Most Unique Bali Airbnb Experiences.


Magic Travel Maps

More and more people are turning the hidden gems they find during travels into “magic maps” and listing them on NanoWhat.

Just click to download, and ‘follow’ on your own Google Map. Save it to your phone, and take it with you to explore the possibilities that await.

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Peru Trip

In case you’re planning a Peru trip. This capsule hotel is located on a cliff and has a rating of 4.8 on Google Maps. Those who have been there are obviously moved. Review from Kelly Mehan 4 months ago on Google Maps:

“Sky Lodge was unanimously our favorite part of the trip! From start to finish, it was a unique, exhilarating experience and all of the guides were very fun and friendly. I’ve never heard of an experience like this anywhere else and still can’t believe I slept on the side of a mountain. Highly highly recommend this activity to adrenaline seekers.”



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