Professors in Edinburgh

Professors in Edinburgh Hello, we're 3 friends who love to eat and drink. We're looking for things to do in Edinburgh. Two of us are professors of gender studies so anything feminism related would be right up our alley. We will be in Edinburgh from April 14 to the 27th.

Girl’s trip to Charleston SC

Girl's trip to Charleston SC Planning a girl's trip to Charleston for 4 ladies ages 40 - 60. Moderate budget for meals and activities, tight budget for accommodations, so the location in and around Charleston is acceptable. Prefer not to stay in North Charleston; closer to or in Mt. Pleasant is OK.

Traveling to Ozarks for Fall Foliage

Traveling to Ozarks for Fall Foliage Yes, I've watched all the seasons of Ozark on Netflix, and now I'm wondering if any of these places exist for real? Or at least anything similar? Changing leaves on the lake, seedy local casinos, or other seasonal specialities are much appreciated.

Guide to Wicker Park Chicago

Guide to Wicker Park Chicago I want to explore more area of Chicago before winter hits and it's time. Open to any type of suggestion, food, great photo spots, secret hangouts. Need at least 1 impressive brunch spot.

What to do in Denver at night

What to do in Denver at night My trips to Denver have typically been family trips or school trips when I was younger. I've seen all the 'must visit' places in Denver like the art museum and Coors Field. But now I'm ready to see what the night holds - hopefully from a local's perspective. I...

Shopping Trip to Georgetown DC

Shopping Trip to Georgetown DC Daytrip from Virginia. Meeting up with some gals I went to college with. I'm looking for vintage clothing, consignment shops, and local boutiques where I can find outfits that don't look like they came from Zara lol. After shopping I'm sure we will want a good dinner and some drinks. Feel...

1st time to Morocco

1st time to Morocco Really clueless about what's touristy stuff I should avoid vs the places locals love. Traveling with my boyfriend and 1 other couple. We're down for a little adventure. All I know is I want to ride a camel at some point during the trip ;)

Girls Weekend in LA

Girls Weekend in LA Driving in from Las Vegas with a car full of thirsty ladies who've spent too much time in the desert. Looking for places with a trendy nightlife scene, single men, delish cocktails, and celeb sightings. We love an excuse to dress up extra pretty and stay up late.