Porto Beaches and Sunsets

Porto Beaches and Sunsets Hopeless romantic, traveling from London to Porto Portugal for a short, but much needed holiday. It's my first solo trip, and I'm a single lady looking to discover a warm and welcoming side of the city.

Minneapolis Prince Pilgrimage

Minneapolis Prince Pilgrimage My friends all think I'm a little crazy, but I'm planning a trip to Minneapolis just so I can pay tribute to Prince. I need to know all the REAL spots where he performed, lived and hung out. I don't want some off the shelf tour, I want the locations only a true...

Rooftop bars Albuquerque, NM

Rooftop bars Albuquerque, NM I've heard there are some really great sunsets in New Mexico and I'm on a mission to see them all. Pair that with some tequila and I'm all set. Serious foodie searching for atmosphere to satisfy my appetite.