Melbourne’s best-kept secrets for Vaccinated Tourists

Melbourne’s best-kept secrets for Vaccinated Tourists


Named one of the world’s most livable cities, locals are the only ones having all the fun lately, but if you’re planning a trip to Melbourne it’s time to discover the quirky delights the city’s inhabitants already know about. Now it’s your turn.


“Pack your bags,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told potential visitors, adding, “Don’t forget to bring your money with you, because you’ll find plenty of places to spend it.” After two years of closed borders, international travelers can once again experience Melbourne – dripping in art, culture, shopping, and food.


From world-renowned art galleries to sports events that bring the entire city to a standstill, Melbourne is passionate about what it offers.


The chefs here are masters of their craft and can whip up pretty much anything from Spanish and Vietnamese to Indian and Italian.


But, with so much to explore in this bustling metropolis, are there any offbeat things to do in Melbourne to make your trip even more memorable?


Let’s dive straight into Melbourne’s unusual travel experiences.


Unusual travel experience: Melbourne’s Distinct Vibe


  1. Laneways & street art: Melbourne’s real emotions come out on the street.

With street art at every corner surrounded by cafes, tea boutiques, and exquisite coffee, Melbourne feels like a city that puts its heart and soul into the street.

The laneways in Melbourne are like an all-in-one strolling experience where you get the best of everything.

Don’t forget to check out Manchester Press for its world-renowned coffee. Or browse the racks at designer boutiques like Christine, and finally rest your tired legs with a cocktail at Loop Roof. A rooftop bar that captures the entire skyline of the city.

  1. Axe-Throwing bar: You’d have no idea what Melbourne is capable of until you dive deeper into wicked activities like these.

Yes, there’s a literal bar called Maniax (name on point!) where you can chug beers, gobble up Australian pub snacks, and at the same time throw axes at a board and compete with friends.

Don’t worry. The environment is safe and guided by professionals, but kids below 18 years need to be accompanied by an adult.


  1. Foodie tour at Queen Victoria’s market: When Melbourne says it celebrates food, it’s not lying. The food culture is deeply rooted in every corner. This is made even more evident with a foodie tour of Queen Victoria’s market.

Victoria Market is the biggest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere totaling a size of 7 hectares. With so many local delicacies to tempt, it’s hard not to taste every one of them.

Also, the tour comes loaded with tastings, a $5 market voucher, and a market bag to shop for more.

Special events such as night markets and music concerts are often held during summer & holidays.


  1. Get spooked at Old Melbourne Gaol: While Melbourne’s art and culture resides in places like the Melbourne Museum and National Gallery Victoria, there’s a dark past about places like the Old Melbourne Gaol.

This historic prison has a few surprises up its sleeve when it comes to tours and experiences. The ‘Hangman’s Night Tour’ will satisfy your craving for something totally strange. Take this heart-racing chance to feel the spirits of Australia’s most notorious criminals. Not a place you want to get locked in for the night, but definitely a must-visit spot in Melbourne.

  1. Aboriginal Heritage Walk: If you’ve done a lot but don’t know what makes Melbourne, Melbourne, then we recommend taking a guided tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

From a guided walk of 8500 plant species to punting (boating in a gondola called punt) in a lake for panoramic views of the park, you get to dive deeper into Kulin’s history.

The tour not only talks about flora and fauna but also about the customs and culture of the first people in Australia.

The gardens are ideal for picnics with your loved ones and big enough to not wait for a picturesque spot.

Located bang in the middle of the city in Birdwood Avenue, these gardens have free admission which is more than enough to make it worth your time but take the heritage tour if you want to go one step further.

Shopping in Melbourne: Find fashion like a local


  1. Bourke Street: A bustling commercial corridor, Bourke street is the place to let in the real vibe of old school Melbourne.

With larger-than-life Victorian architecture and the finest brands from all around the world, this should be your ultimate shopping destination.

You don’t just have access to shops here. There are year-round concerts, art exhibitions, and even street performances that light up the corridor.

Don’t forget to try the world-famous Espresso from Pellegrini’s cafe along with other Italian delicacies.

  1. Chapel Street: This strip is one of the best ways to experience the culture of Melbourne. Chapel street extends from South Yarra & Prahan to Windsor.

Once you’re on Chapel street, there’s no limit to diversifying your experiences.

You can hang out with your tribe at iconic bars like Morris Jones, OneSixOne, and Punk Carla or go on a shopping spree from vintage thrift shops to the highest-end luxury fashion.

That’s not all. You can find the best brunch in Melbourne or a hearty fine-dine just minutes away from each other.

That’s the charm of Chapel.


  1. Rose Street Market: This is the place to be if you love all things crafted with perfection and made by hand. Rose street thrives on art and culture because every week 40 artists get a chance to display and sell their best work.

You don’t just shop here. You support independent art, design, and culture in your own unique way, and that feeling is unparalleled.

From artworks and candles to jewellery and ceramics, you just have to say perfection, and Rose street will serve it on a platter.

So how do I actually explore the best of Melbourne?

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