Montreal Guide for Thanksgiving Weekend – Find Restaurants Near Me

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Montreal Guide for Thanksgiving Weekend – Find Restaurants Near Me


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Joe Beef

Google Reviews: 4.5 stars (2,288)

French Restaurant


Source: Josh Tong

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

This was one for the record books. A flight over to Canada, a booking made in advance, a ‘clear my schedule’ kind of evening.

From the moment you set foot in Joe Beef you know you’re in for  what can only be described as a romantically gluttonous time.

We started with the seafood platter, scallops the size of my fist with an added lobster tail (for good measure). Moving onto the Octopus Bouillabaisse, Sweetbreads, Duck and Hanger Steak. All with their own amazing sauces that seemed to almost glue the dish together with richness.

The staff were welcoming and made us feel right at ease in our quest to tackle the menu. Throughout each dish we were almost confused where to start and end as each bite was just better than the last.

A full but non-intimidating wine list let us make the best of our food settling on a lovely Riesling.

Did we travel to Canada just for Joe Beef? No. But would it have been worth it if it was the only place we visited? Yes.


Google Reviews: 4.7 stars (554)

Canadian Restaurant


Source: Alex Schulte

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

I always love trying set meals and seeing what surprises a restaurant has in store, and seeing that this restaurant has monthly menu changes was exciting to me. The asparagus was fresh and tasty, with a great crunch with each bite. The snow crab appetizer was delicious, and the salad appetizer was more of a small bite than a full salad, but still good. 

I had the rabbit and was quite pleased with the dish, and my friends had the lobster which was delicious too. The meal ended with either a cherry/beeswax cake or a savoury cheese with corn cracker and apple sunflower seed salad, and I preferred the savoury cheese out of the two. Overall, a lovely experience, and I would be excited to try another new menu should I ever come back to Montreal in the future!

Restaurant Toqué!

Google Reviews: 4.6 stars (1,169)

Québécois Restaurant


Source: Yiyi Zhang

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

The food is delicious and it has a lot of interesting flavours that other restaurants don’t. The service and the staff are attentive and respectful. They describe the plates and the ingredients they used to cook the food. It is a great place for business meetings or fancy celebrations. The price for each person is a minimum of $100.

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Maison Boulud

Google Reviews: 4.5 stars (963)

French Restaurant


Source: Maison Boulud

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

Went there this year both for lunch and dinner. I was impressed by their lunch first and then decided to try the dinner as well. Overall nice experience but I personally think some of the lunch dishes were actually better than what they offered in dinner. The service at dinner was impeccable, they accidentally dropped my glass of wine that had one drop left in it and they replaced it with a new full glass

Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Google Reviews: 4.7 stars (828)

Fine dining restaurant


Source: Jay Fields

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

First thing, this place is first rate in every way. One of the best meals ever in one of coolest places ever. Left msg for reservation for same evening-thought no way. But lovely host called back and said they had 2 seats at the bar-which the bartender and waitstaff made better than a table-and area sat only 4 so was very cozy. Food was world class-I had surf n turf-a braised pork shank and scallops. Exquisite. My wife had an equally delicious grilled halibut. Everything cooked perfectly. My pork was so tender I could cut it with my fork!  Charismatic oysters loaded with charisma!  Portions on the small side but I did not leave hungry. Also quite pricey-but worth every penny!

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Google Reviews: 4.6 stars (1,295)



Source:  Camille Mic

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

This place is without a doubt one of the best restaurants we have visited in the last month and we have LOVED it. We loved the kitchen, you can see the staff working there. It gives us a nice feeling that we are going to eat something delicious, fresh, and clean. We loved the kitchen 😍

The place is nice and spacious. The service is very warm and personalized. There is a good variety of delicious dishes and quite tasty drinks. They gave us a dinner to remember and we will surely return as soon as the opportunity presents itself. An extremely pleasant experience to enjoy with family or good friends.

Restaurant Jérôme Ferrer – Europea

Google Reviews: 4.6 stars (1,954)

French restaurant


Source: Restaurant Jérôme Ferrer – Europea

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

One of the best culinary experiences we ever had, food was exceptional, artistically well thought out. This was as much a meal as it was an experience. It was even more incredible that they actually have a kids full experience, so we had our 7 year old son with us, and he came along for the ride, and he loved every bit of it. This isn’t for the faint hearted when it comes to pay the bill, as this is on the upper highest tier of restaurants. Well worth every penny.

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Google Reviews: 4.4 stars (634)

Italian restaurant


Source: Impasto

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

Impasto is the right resto looking for an updated approach to classical Italian cuisine in a fun but not over the top atmosphere. The restaurant has a casual vibe but a somewhat upscale menu offering that is limited but sure to please most. There is also a small terrace on Dante street (in the summertime).

We began with fresh bread with ricotta in honey (good but very sweet), sharing a Salad Verde (simple but good), Tuna Tatare (very fresh and tasty), and fresh made ricotta gnocchi [in the basement of the restaurant] (excellent…lighter than normal gnocchi).

Service was on point and we really got along with our server. Enjoy!


Google Reviews: 4.5 stars (1,174)

Asian Restaurant


Source: Jatoba

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

One of the most upscale neo-Sushi restaurants in Montreal, Jatoba offers an excellent selection of sushi and other seafood dishes with an Asian flare, in addition to some meat dishes. While the dishes are large enough for individuals they are not huge so I would feel that this would be a “shared dishes” restaurant good for larger groups. The ambiance matches the upscale menu with the restaurant sub-divided into different seating areas but with openings in the walls to give the sense of larger edifice. There is also a very nice garden area in the back to enjoy in warmer months.

For our meal, we had a large offering…Gyoza (very good), Spicy Salmon Maki (very good), Hamachi Maki (good), Jatoba Cod (very good and tasty), Chilean Sea Bass (Excellent…crispy and flavorful), regular Sea Bass (also very good), Star Anise Spare Ribs (excellent), Lamb Shank (on the special…wonderful), and two desserts (Cookies & Cream and Caramel Dream…both very good).

Service was excellent, friendly and prompt. Highly recommend a visit (although bring your cheque book). Enjoy!

NOTE: There is valet parking which is helpful as this area can be very difficult to find a spot.

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Le Vin Papillon

Google Reviews: 4.5 stars (882)

Wine Bar & Restaurant


Source: Ali Vance

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

Beef Short Rib, Rubbarb, Horseradish/ Beef Tartare Pan Con Tomate with Focaccia / Matane Shrimp

I’m slightly regretting taking so long to finally have tried @vinpapillon this Wednesday. Honestly it really didn’t disappoint. I’ve heard about it for years, being part of the Joe Beef Empire I was expecting something simple yet done perfectly and it was just right. Everything was done really really well and flavours were all on point.

Atmosphere is something to be said. On Notre-Dame not far from there other restaurants @liverpoolhousemtl and @joebeef it’s located in a food hotspot of Montreal. The decor is really great, gives a vibe of an old antique shop with nice wine bottles everywhere.

Everything we got food wise was delicious, from the homemade bread and cute little artisanal butter packs, to what was for me the star of the day which was the Beef Short Rib. I would not have thought to pair this dish with rhubarb, but the way that it was prepared was just fantastic. Great portion sizes to share and prices are fair for the size and quality of what you’re getting!

Liverpool House

Google Reviews: 4.5 stars (1,155)

Canadian Restaurant


Source:  Ali Vance

Google Local Guide comments about this restaurant:

Liverpool House, located on Notre Dame St in Griffontown, is one of the better known eating establishments in Montreal, being part of the Joe Beef group. The restaurant is deceivingly large, entering into a large bar and kitchen area, then passing into, another room, then onto two large back patios and a third interior room. The back patios are wonderful to enjoy the warm summer months, surrounded by an array of flora and fauna; while the interior is much darker and dimmer…so both tastes are covered.

The menu is tight with an emphasis on meats (chicken, duck, beef, etc..) and some fish dishes. For our meal we ordered the Parker House Rolls (very good…but a bit on the salty side), Steak Frites (very good), Lamb Shoulder (a huge dish and excellent, including the bone marrow…perfectly done), Chicken Bercy (also very good), Pork Belly (good), and the Market Vegetables (also very good…mostly carrots). For dessert we shared the multi-layer Marjolaine cake slice (also good).

Service was very friendly and informative although I did find it a bit tempered…however our section was full and there was a lot going on. Overall a very good food experience. Enjoy!

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Bon appétit!


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