Sell Maps on NanoWhat : Best way to make money online

NanoWhat Maps : Best Way to Make Money Online

Have you ever wondered “How to make money from Google Maps?”

There aren’t too many options. But NOW – you can sell your maps of hidden gems & local spots by setting up your own shop on NanoWhat. Just use Google Maps to make a list of saved places and you’re ready to go!

Getting Started: How to Post a Product on NanoWhat

So you’ve set up your vendor shop and you’re all set to sell your first map. CONGRATS! You took a huge first step toward monetizing your travel blogger side hustle.

Now, let’s make sure you know all the boxes to check and files to upload so you can start earning money from your Instagram and YouTube local spots.

STEP 1: Go to Your Account Page

Click this link to signup for a new account or login to your existing account:

Anyone who wants to sell their maps should make sure to choose ‘I am a vendor’ when you signup for an account.

If you don’t see the options in the following steps, it may be because you didn’t sign up as a vendor.




STEP 2: Add New Product

Once you’re logged in and see your dashboard, choose the products tab from the column on the left. Then, click the ‘Add new product’ button on the top right of the screen.



STEP 3: Input Product Details

Here’s where the fun starts!

It’s time to share the important information about your product. Use the image below as a guide to learn where the information you provide will be displayed when the product is live.


Quick Tips:

  • ‘Short Description’ & ‘Description’ are BOTH important fields, but you can choose to copy & paste the same text in both areas or provide EXTRA information when you get to the ‘Description’ section. Think about what kind of information a potential buyer may need to know before they make a purchase. Keep it fun, simple & show off your personality.
  • The big image will be used as the featured picture. That’s the one which gets displayed on the home page.
  • The smaller picture area is for the ‘gallery’ and we recommend 3 to 4 images.
  • All images should be 600 – 800 px wide, and 100KB or smaller.
  • Make sure you own the images or have the right to use all images you upload.
  • You’re free to set your own price, but we recommend a selling price of $2-$10 if you want to be competitive with other local maps on NanoWhat. 
  • ‘Category’ & ‘Tags’ will help shoppers find your product and will make it more likely to be found in search results.

STEP 4: Save 

When you’re satisfied with your text and images, make sure to to hit ‘Create Product’


STEP 5: Update Your Selling Options

**VERY IMPORTANT** check the box next to ‘Downloadable’ & ‘Virtual’



Then, update these final 3 settings.

You will need to have your Google Map list of places ready for these last steps. In case you’re not sure how to get the link to the Google Map you want to sell, here’s a quick explanation. 

  • While signed in to your Google account, open a map page and find ‘Your Places’ on the sidebar.


  • Click on the 3 dots next to the map and choose ‘Share List’


  • Copy the link and paste it in to the ‘File URL’ field next to circle #2


  1. Check the box to allow only one quantity of the product to be purchased in a single order
  2. Use the link & title from your Google Map
  3. Save Product


Each new product needs to be reviewed by the NanoWhat team before it goes live. This process should take less than 24 hours.

In the meantime, make sure your payment options and bank info are accurate on your NanoWhat Vendor Dashboard so when shoppers stat buying your maps, you’re ready to collect your earnings.

List as many maps, in as many cities as you want. Everyone has their own travel style and their own story to tell about the cites they love. We encourage you to be creative, authentic and unique.

Thanks for sharing your good taste with the world!


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