Personal Travel – 4 Best Tools to Make it Unique 

Personal Travel – 4 Best Tools to Make it Unique 


Nowadays, there is a growing trend in the way people spend their holidays. 


More and more individuals are opting for personal travel experiences that prioritize intimate and unique local options over the traditional tourist attractions. This shift in preferences can be attributed to the desire for a more authentic and personal travel adventure


With the increasing availability of information online, travelers are now more knowledgeable about the local cultures and customs of the places they visit. As a result, they are better equipped to seek out experiences that align with their personal travel preferences.



Tool #1

Find Your Unique Accommodation


Do you agree that a good accommodation choice can positively impact your travel experience, making it more meaningful and unforgettable?


By selecting an uncommon or less frequented accommodation that resonates with your character and aesthetic, you can better connect with the local community, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of local customs, traditions, and way of life. 


It is crucial to do some research beforehand. We compared and found 4 platforms that can help you discover a unique personal travel experience when selecting where to rest your head at night. 


  1. In addition to Airbnb, another bed & breakfast option is Vrbo, which offers a variety of vacation rentals ranging from cabins to beach houses, many of the options boast a truly unique personal travel experience. 
  2. Why not go glamping? Glamping Hub, specializes in luxury camping options such as treehouses or yurts for an off-beat personal travel glamping experience while you immerse yourself in nature. 
  3. Love Home Swap is another great tool, allowing travelers to trade their homes with others. Membership is affordable at $11 per month and it gives you access to their global community homeowners. Personal travel accommodations are made even more individualized when you connect with the people whose home you will stay in and get to see a city through their eyes.  

Choosing the right accommodation can provide an opportunity for you to seamlessly slip into the local culture and enjoy a personal travel experience you may miss if you stay at a conventional hotel. 


Tool #2

Find Your Unique Local Experience


First of all, here we’re talking about traveling like a local and looking for the most authentic personal travel experiences in a destination. If your goal is visiting attractions and roller coasters, there are plenty of websites that can provide information and booking methods, such as TripAdvisor or GetYourGuide.


Again, to find the best activities for your vacation, we should do some research for the destination. For example, London is a diverse city. There are many coveted vintage clothing stores and second hand boutique shops for travelers who like retro finds or antiques. Or maybe it’s London’s bottomless brunches that you’re visiting for. Everyone’s bucket list is different, you don’t need to follow cookie-cutter tours on a double decker bus to make your vacation worthwhile.


Choose the aspects of a destination that you love to explore, then start your research by using the below tools:


  1. Using Instagram hashtags related to the destination or your travel niche can lead you to discover itinerary worthy locations. Like and save the images you discover or follow the accounts that get suggested to you. 
  2. If you don’t have time to do much research, you can also consider booking a real local guide to lead you on a tour. WithLocals is a platform which connects travelers with locals through Food & Experiences for escorted personal travel.
  3. Another reliable way of collecting hidden gems from around the world, whether it be restaurants or things to do is by using NanoWhat. Custom travel itineraries with real photos and reviews from travel bloggers and local guides can be arranged to meet your exact requirements. You can also explore ready to download hidden gems delivered straight to your phone that can lead you to undiscovered corners of the world.


Tool #3

Find a Good Personal Travel Planner 


A personal travel planner is a professional who works one-on-one with clients to understand their specific needs, interests, and preferences for travel. 


Unlike a traditional travel agent, they take the time to get to know clients as individuals, and offer a customized approach to planning travel, providing expert advice on accommodations, transportation, activities, and dining options. 


Our suggestion is to separate your custom travel itinerary with travel bookings. Find trip planners that only provide travel guides that curate information according to your preference. That way they don’t require you to book the tickets or reservations in the itinerary through their platforms or services.


In addition to travel agents and tour operators, many experienced travel bloggers also provide this service which you can easily find on their website by searching “Custom Travel Itinerary”. 


But there are also some tricks and pitfalls when it comes to requesting a customized travel itinerary from a personal travel planner, you can read our article Custom Travel Itinerary: 4 Tips and Tricks to find out more.


Tool #4

Find a Good Travel Itinerary Template


Ok. Your research and hard work is done, now it’s time to put it all into a well organized travel itinerary to read, use and share. When it comes to choosing a travel itinerary template, the most frequently asked question is “Visme or Canva, which one is better for a Google Docs itinerary template?


We tested and compared over 16 different itinerary template tools, and finally selected 5 of the most popular that are best for using as a Google Docs itinerary template. Find out which competitors rose to the top of our list for different types of travelers. 

If you want to find out more about each tool, read Most Popular Travel Itinerary Templates for Google Docs : Pros & Cons for details.


Ultimately, the best tool to organize your trip using a Google Docs itinerary template depends on your individual needs and preferences. By using the tips and advice listed above, we hope you can find the perfect option for your next trip! 


Personal Travel Recommendations Conclusion:


All in all, this shift towards personal travel experiences marks an exciting new chapter in the tourism industry, where more and more travelers are given the opportunity to explore new places and cultures in a more meaningful and enriching way.


When planning a personal travel experience, if you want to have unique and memorable accommodations, activities and restaurants to enhance your experience, doing your research and choosing the right travel itinerary tool plays a crucial role in enhancing your overall travel experience and guaranteeing a personal travel arrangement that lays out the trip of your dreams.

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