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11 Things To Do in or near Mumbai City | Best Experiences You May Not Know

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You’ll get a Google Map that guides you to 11 super cool places you may not know in/near Mumbai City for amazing experiences. Open the map and easily read other Google Local Guides’ reviews of each spot.

Location: Mumbai , India

Places: 11

Highlights: Beach Sunset / Local market / Campground / Cafe / Social Club

Map Intro:

In the busy and dazzling center of Mumbai, sit in a quiet and secret social club and feel the pulse of the city. There is a magical sensation which combines movement and stillness. The local market is the best choice for harvesting surprises. Tired of walking, I stopped in a coffee shop. Once inside, I realised it was a cat cafe, where friendly felines accompanied hot cups of java.

At night in Mumbai, you can drive to see an open-air movie, go further, stay in close contact with nature in a tent, or catch a ferry to watch a beautiful sunset.

These 11 places will definitely let you experience a different side of Mumbai.

By downloading this list of places, you’ll be contributing to my effort spent finding hidden gems so thank you for your support in advance!

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    Vatsal kanabar
    2 years ago

    Great picks… perfect for weekend outings 😀

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