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Best Coffee London | 15 Places to get Chuffed on a Cuppa Java



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Location: London, England, UK
Highlights: A Google Map to guide you to 15 of the Best Coffee Places in London

Map Intro:
“Where to find the best coffee?” This is the first question I ask when visiting every city.

One sunny day, I was sitting in the small hodgepodge of a garden next to the EspressoBase Speciality Coffee cart, enjoying the warm wooden chairs and drinking my first cuppa cappuccino of the day. A thought flashed in my mind: “Why not make a map of the best coffee in London?

I would suggest that you make time to taste London’s local coffee shops. Drinking coffee isn’t just about the taste or the origin of beans, but people watching and observing the cultural habits of local people during coffee time says a lot about a city. From the music played by the coffee shop owner to the fragrance in the air, traveling the world through coffee presents rare moments of clarity and awe.


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