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18 Unmissable Edinburgh Bookshops


If you’re planning an Edinburgh shopping spree – don’t forget the books!

Whether you’re looking for collectors’ editions, children’s books, hard to find novels, or crisp paged new releases – Edinburgh is a town that will enchant anyone who loves a good story.

🤫 Visit iconic bookstagram photo spots for absolutely wonderful second hand books

🤫 Read your way through treasure troves of floor to ceiling bookshelves containing a wide range of tomes

🤫 From gorgeous sliding ladders, to free tea and biscuits

Second hand books are great for a bargain but I do have a soft spot for new books, I just can’t help it!

Reading is what I know best. Let me point you in the right direction for your trip to Edinburgh, so you can spend more time turning pages.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Places: 18

Highlights: Books / Bookshops / Reading / Book Worm / chill / photo spots

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