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3 Day Itinerary Florence Italy | The Ultimate Guidebook For Florence travel

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Location: Florence, Tuscany region, Italy
Includes: 2 downloadable Google travel tools to help you plan your own trip to Florence. Includes parking that can be accessed within the ZTL zone

  1. 3 Day Itinerary Florence Italy in Google Slides which you can immediately edit, share and download for your own plan.

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  2. Combining all the cool spots in the itinerary to Google Travel Map that you can use from your own phone anytime.

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I have written a book about driving in Italy as a travel writer, which contains all the information about Florence travel.
This map shows the tourist attractions by day for a 2-night, 3-day stay in Florence.

No. of Spots
Parking Slot that can be accessed within the ZTL zone          17
Day 1 Intinerary          11
Day 2 Intinerary           8
Day 3 Intinerary           5
Restaraunt & Cafe          13
Bar           5
Accommodations          29
Shopping           4

In addition, it provides information on 13 famous restaurants in Florence, 14 hotels with parking, 5 apartments with parking, 10 cost-effective standard hotels, and outlet information.

If you plan to travel to Florence, this map is essential, and with this map alone, your preparation for Florence travel will be complete.

You can easily download this itinerary as a Google Slides Itinerary Template so that you can add or change the places and plan your own trip. Or, open the list of spots as a link to Google Maps, the driving routes will all be calculated for you.

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