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7 Best Cancun Beach Clubs | Safe & Relaxing holiday


I spent most of my time in Cancun at the beach club. Why? A rare escape from my busy life calls for the beach, sun, delicious food, and many margaritas.

In addition to Cancun’s beaches, Nauti Beach in Isla Mujeres is the perfect place to wander for a day. It used to be a hidden gem and a secret island many people didn’t know about. But with an increasing number of photos posted by travel bloggers on Instagram, it recently became a bit more famous. Hidden or not, the beach club there still has breathtakingly beautiful scenery and atmosphere worth the visit.

The 7 Cancun beach clubs in my map have their own styles, but they are all gems that I have been to myself and like very much!

Finally – a travel tip. If you come to Cancun for the first time, you should know that many restaurants and clubs here prepare 2 menus, one for locals and one for tourists, with different prices. When you choose, pay attention and act like a local to dine on the authentic stuff!

Get your sunscreen and bikini ready to enjoy the fantasy and beaches of Cancun!

Location: Cancun, Mexico, Latin America

Places: 7

Highlights: Beach Club / Party / Drink / Food / Beautiful View

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