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Holiday in Almería Spain and Coastal Towns by Cabo de Gata


Cabo de Gata and the seaside towns that line the southern coast of Almeria Spain are full of Moorish treasures and volcanic beaches.


The natural beauty is undeniable, but I have to admit it’s the free tapas that come with every drink in this region that really make it the budget traveler’s paradise.


With just a small strip of the Alboran Sea between Spain and Africa, this region is full of Moroccan influences. OK. So it’s still a 7 hour ferry ride away, but I guarantee when you sip a bit of tea at Tetería Almedina Baraka you will get every drop of those North African vibes that have left a mark on this under appreciated Spanish beauty.


Location: Almeria, Spain, Europe

Places: 15

Highlights: Volcano / Beaches / tapas / seafood / hikes / Spanish food

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