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Top Athens Outdoor Activities – Local’s Choice


You’ll get a Google Map that guides you to 9 Top Hidden Gems of Outdoor Activities in Athens. When you open the map, easily read other Google Local Guides’ reviews of each spot.

Location: Athens, Greece, Europe

Places: 9

Highlights: Sky diving / caves / hiking / beach / scuba diving / local spots / nature

By downloading this list of places, you’ll be contributing to my effort spent finding hidden gems, so thank you for your support in advance!

Map Intro:

Looking for Top Athens Outdoor Activities? Want to know what a local recommends? Find our list with 9 activities, caves and hiking around Athens, that few people know about.

What can you expect:

🌱 One of the most beautiful caves with a narrow entrance. Stalactite columns, stalactites and stalagmites, lithic basins, curtains, helictites and eccentrics make up a multi-layered setting.

🌱 Scuba Diving at an aircraft wreck

🌱 Densely forested mountain range with a chance for a coffee in a remote setting to prepare for your hike.

🌱 Hiking, climbing, swimming, and jumping at adventurous Canyoning spots not far from the city.

**Our personal notes are attached to each location on the map for a smooth and relaxed outing.**

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