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14 Best Photo Spots and Panoramas in Malta

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Hi, I am Serena, a travel creator from Milano who can help you take fabulous photos of Malta. Follow and travel with me! 🥰

This map records some unforgettable moments from my trip to Malta! You many not be expecting to see a beautiful sunset, but then it happens…and it’s so emotional. At the end of the day, I cried from happiness 😭

The most beautiful moments are often unplanned! But having a map of breathtaking spots to fall back on doesn’t hurt 🥰❤️. Download my map to locate picture perfect backdrops, so you can catch all the right angles of this incredible island in the Mediterranean Sea.

💋 Every location on this map has a personal note from me

Location: Medina, Malta, Europe
Places: 14
Highlights: Best Panoramas / photo spots

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    I was just preparing my own trip to Malta. To be honest, at first, I am not sure what it will look like after downloading.

    But it immediately turned out as a Google Travel Map~~!!, And I could also see the review and photos of each place, What a surprise😻, Thank you very much for the free itinerary and tips!

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    Wicked! Just open and hit ‘follow’. Thx for the tips. Cheers!!!

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