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Cafeteria Cusco 2024 | 15 Hidden Gems | Best cappuccino, WiFi & balcony view

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Location: Cusco, Peru,  Latin America
Highlights: This Free Google Travel Map will guide you to 15 Hidden Gems if you’re searching for a Cafeteria Cusco. Most up to date in 2024 with the best cappuccino, WiFi & Balcony view

Map Intro:

There are hundreds of cafes in Cusco. My friends always ask me which one is best. Which ones MUST try for the most satisfying cafe Cusco experience? Well, there is no 100% right answer. My question to you is “what are you looking for?”

There are a few signature “Cafe Cusco” hot spots:

  • Special cafe Cusco menu
  • Cappuccino cafe
  • Cafes with good wifi
  • Cafe with good view
  • Cafe with good breakfast / brunch / desserts

There are couple of famous names like Jack’s Café and Cappuccino Cusco Cafe that are featured in many travel blogs. And then there are some traditional or boutique cafes with less tourists, but they are super cute and chill, and Cusco locals always spend time there for authentic coffee and amazing food. 

This map includes my 15 recommended places for a memorable Cafeteria in Cusco, with detailed notes for each location. When you open the map link and click save, it will sync with your own Google Maps. The driving and walking routes will all be calculated for you automatically.

Some highlights: 

☕Jack’s Café———>One of the most tourist friendly and famous Cafeteria in Cusco

💎 Famous for:

Pancakes French Toast portion sizes Tourists Spots Alpaka Cappuccino Huevos Rancheros WiFi

☕Three Monkeys Coffee —->If you want to have a very good coffee in a cozy and cute courtyard, this is the place for you

💎 Famous for:

Cappuccino WiFi Hot Chocolate Latte art

☕Cappuccino Cusco Cafe———>Right on Plaza de Armas with a magnificent sight of Catedral Cusco, San Cristobal viewpoint and the small Christ the Redeemer. Great variety of drinks and desserts.

💎 Famous for:

WiFi Balcony Views

Qura———>Amazing Buddha bowl. Really good value and quality of the ingredients. The servers were friendly. Good comfortable seating with pillow cushions. Very nice ambiance.

💎 Famous for:

Acai bowl Smoothies Healthy Cafe


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