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Cultural Tour in Tunisia’s Amazighi Towns | North Africa


You’ll get a Google Map that guides you to 11 unique Spots for Cultural Tour in Tunisia’s Amazighi Towns. When you open the map easily read other Google Local Guides’ reviews of each spot.

Location: Tunisia, Maghreb Region, North Africa
Places: 11
Highlights: Museum / Food / Culture / History / Cafe

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Map Intro:

This map will help you navigate in one of the most beautiful destinations in Tunisia.

Matmata is a Berber town famous for stone carved houses in mountains where some locals still live. Matmata and it’s villages of Toujane and Tamezret are the best locations to visit during autumn and winter or even spring.

It is also a place to relax and unwind, immerse yourself in nature and its beauty.

Again, you can always find my note for each place in my map.

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