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12 Hidden Gems – Craft Store in Matera

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A Google Map guide you to 12 Local Gems for the Best Lecce Food Experience | Italy

Location: Matera, Italy, Europe
Highlights: Art / Pottery / Craft / Local Brand / Hidden Gems

Map Intro:

Hi, I’m a local guide and trip planner, My passion is helping people discovering Southern Italian beauties, food and culture experience!

Matera is a unique place, but also, at first at least, quite complicated with all those steps and caves.

You might want to hire a tour guide to show you around (well you should call me!), but at the same time you want to spend some time strolling around looking for some little gem like a craftsman or a little store selling local products.

This Matera Italy Map is an ultimate guide that will help you to sneak around the most remote corners of this charming village discovering craftsmen that sometimes you would call artists!


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