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Hidden Gems in Scotland

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Location: Scotland, UK

Includes: Hidden Gems in Scotland | What To Do in Scotland | Local Cool Places | Scotland Travel Itinerary

You will get very special local cool ideas for a Map of Hidden Gems in Scotland

  • 4 Beaches
  • 6 Photo Points
  • 6 Castles
  • 9 Hikes

Combining 25 non-touristy spots and hidden gems in Scotland into a Google Travel Map that you can use from your own phone anytime

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Map Intro:

Scotland has a lot of hidden gems you must see. Do you want to know where to go, where is not so touristic’ Here are my map of Scotland, including my favorite top 5 hidden gems that I have been to and that I think you need to see. There were hard to find hidden gems but I did. I spent 7 weeks in Scotland and I have seen all the places on the map for myself. I hope you will enjoy Scotland if you ever go there. It is totally worth it. Beautiful nature and really kind people.

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