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Best Omakase In Hong Kong, Approved by Locals


You’ll get a Free Google Map to guide you to 7 Most Signature Omakase Spots in HK . Open the Map experience an amazing Foodie vacation like a local. 

Location: Hong Kong, China, Asia
Places: 7
Highlights: Japanese Food / Omakase / Hidden Gems / Local Approved / Supper Yummy / Reasonable Price


Map Introduction:

HK local people are one of the biggest fans of Japanese Food. Omakase is one of our favorite styles and we’re always looking for a good Omakase restaurant in town.

Hong Kong people focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients, the portion should be sufficient, the price should be reasonable enough, and the choice of dishes require freshness. The Japanese prefer traditional Japanese-made dishes, and they are very particular about the marinating skills of Edomae or the appearance of the dishes.

 My Omakase map, from Central to Yuen Long, from super fancy to a super yummy, all with a reasonable price! 

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