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Indiana County Travel Map | Midwest Explorers Guide



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Location: Indiana, USA
Highlights: A Google Map to guide you to the 16 Must Visit Places in Indiana | Midwest Explorers Guide

Map Intro:

When I need a break from Philly, I head back to my roots.

I may not have appreciated it when I was younger, but I made this Indiana County Travel Map as a testament to the places I overlooked when I lived in this midwestern beauty.

Anyway, let’s not get too sentimental.

This map takes you on an Indiana statewide tour of hikes, art, and unpretentious encounters with nature.

👣 Magical gardens

👣 Nature parks for catching frogs & hiking cliffs

👣 Boat rides through mineral rich caverns

👣 Finely curated museum with a garden oasis

👣 Urban national parks snuggled up next to Lake Michigan


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