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Latino-Owned Restaurants in Las Vegas


By Andrea Swindall

As Sin City and the City That Never Sleeps, Las Vegas has earned a reputation for being decadent and over-the-top. Tourism drives our city and resident turnover is high, which leads some to (incorrectly) assume that our city has no real culture. Well we’re here to prove that assumption wrong, and that there’s more to our city besides gambling, drinking, and, well, sin.

From authentic Argentinian to Mexican, Colombian, Puerto Rican cuisine, and more.

Take Vegas’ local Latino community for example. Encompassing over 35% of the population, there’s no denying the influence of these diverse cultures, which are especially strong east of the Strip and in North Las Vegas.

With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, it’s an ideal time to reacquaint yourself with our local Latino communities and make it a point to support their businesses, which lucky for us, include some of the most delicious restaurants in town, ranging from traditional Mexican spots to Puerto Rican and Argentinian eateries and more.

If you’re looking for additional ways to support our local Latino communities, there are plenty of opportunities with organizations like Mi Familia Vota, Puentes, Dream Big Nevada, and more.

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Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Places: 16

Highlights: Authentic Mexican food / Taco Tuesday / the Strip / Downtown Vegas / Latino / local business

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