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26 Ways to have a Lazy South Bali Weekend


You see the idyllic sun-soaked pictures of Bali online and Instagram. And rest assured, those places definitely exist. But if you’re a newbie to Bali, you may not realize the amount of traffic you will sit in if you plan your trip by zig-zagging back and forth around the island with no real game plan.

For the true lazy south Bali weekend – I recommend you stick to one area. South Bali is the best for a relaxed vibe without skimping on the natural beauty and delicious local food that you’ve been dreaming of since you booked your air tickets.

From my map, you can pick a few beaches popular with the local surfers and enjoy the show, sit back and sip a rich and frothy iced latte, or get super decadent and check in to a luxury resort for the night. From cheapo to glamorous, mix and match any way you like.

Location:  Bali, Indonesia, Asia

Places:  26

Highlights: Sea / Mountains / Cliffs Bars / Beach / Coffee Shop / Temple / Surf Shop / Massage

  • Hungry Jo
    2 years ago

    Are any of these South Bali restaurants or beach clubs a good place to eat for vegetarians?

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