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16 Belter Liverpool Things To Do For Couples


Is Liverpool romantic? Living here, I love this city more and more every day, but it’s not that common to hear Liverpool combined with the word ‘Romance’

But more and more couples are choosing to visit Liverpool for their honeymoon. I recently realised that many of the places I’m familiar with in the city, embody a certain amorous charm of the city’s unique culture and stories. Love may actually be in Liverpool’s air.

From a bottomless brunch, to a quirky wee pub. Hidden rooftop gardens, to beer gardens, I like to explore different places with my girlfriend, especially when we found those hidden gems are an absolute belter!

Prepare for this map to surprise you as you fall in love with  more than just the Football Club.


Location:  Liverpool, England, UK

Places: 16

Highlights:  Restaurant / Roof Top / Bar /Cocktail / Boutique Store / Gallery /  Bottomless brunch / local market

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