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Local Eye – 14 Best Hidden Gems in Bangalore


You’ll get a Free Google Map to guide you to 14 Best Hidden Gems in Bangalore from a local perspective. Open the Map experience an amazing vacation like a local. 

Location:  Bangalore(Bengaluru), India

Places: 14

Highlights: Lake/ Local Food / Ice Cream / Museum / Hiking / Hidden Gems


Map Introduction:

People travel to Bangalore, which brings more vitality to the city, but at the same time, the more people like about Bangalore, the more they want to find the hidden gems behind the city.

I put my favorite ice cream shop, the big Banyan Tree restaurant, the beautiful Nimbekaipura Lake, and the Creative Circus that my friends always loves to go to… and so on all into this map.

I hope you will like my map and travel like a local~

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