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Top 10 London Secret Garden | Best For Photos


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Location: London, England, UK
Highlights: A Free Google Map to guide you to find 10 London Secret Garden | Best For Photos

Map Intro:

This map was originally prepared for one of my photographer friends. He was coming to London to take wedding photos for a client, and asked me to suggest some “secret gardens” as romantic backdrops. His client loved it, and had the most exquisite memories for their scrap book. So I decided to make it a map!

I divided green spaces in London into 2 categories: Garden or Park. Gardens are generally smaller in size than parks, but more refined and unique, many of which have a certain history. If you want to plan a picnic or play outdoor sports, then a park would be a better choice

My recommended London secret gardens range from colorful, to regal, to roof sky gardens. Most can be enjoyed for free without any booking needed! If you happen to be in London and like to take whimsical pictures, then this is a good guide for you.

Tip: St Dunstan In The East Church Garden is very beautiful but there are many tourists, if you are going there to take pictures, it is best to be there before 9am

Keywords: Garden / Roof top Garden / Botanical Garden / Best for Photography / IG worthy


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