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My Bucket List | Must Visit Places in Madagascar Before You Die

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Location: Madagascar, East Africa
Highlights: This 🗺️ Map is about a Magical Destination: Madagascar. Click Purchase and get my curated list of locations for:

Waterfalls / Beaches / Agricultural Spots / Forests / Instagram Photo Locations

Map Intro:

Hi I’m Abdul. I love exploring the world especially those places that are more off the beaten path.

I have visited 9 countries and 3 continents but there there are so many more places I want to visit in my lifetime. Travel and adventure is not only about exploring the world but it is also a good opportunity for self-exploration.

It is surprisingly one of the best countries I’ve been to so far! It is an island full of beautiful nature and unique landscapes. Download my map and experience the same as I did in those amazing places.

If you buy the map, don’t forget to show me some love on Instagram and let me know how your trip went. Can’t wait to see your pics.


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    2 years ago

    I’m planning a trip for next year, so I didn’t travel yet. Downloading this map made it feel like a reality because I can look through all the pics on Google Maps. The easiest way to get tips from people who have already been there. I’m hyped up for Madagascar. Abdul makes it look soooooooo gorgeous.

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