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Puerto Rico Pork Highway & other Lechón


La Ruta del Lechón or The Pork Highway is the perfect blend of what Puerto Rico has to offer. Lush scenery, carefree afternoons of dancing and drinking, plus delicious, succulent roasted meat.

For the die-hard fans of Puerto Rico lechón, make sure it’s authentic local pork (which is raised on the island, particularly for this spitfire cooking style.) You can check the lechonera for a special seal that reads Lechonera Certificada. Meaning the Agriculture Department guarantees you’re supporting local businesses by only enjoying local pigs.

Choose to stay within the popular San Juan area if you want, you will still have a few good choices. But for the most rewarding foodie adventure, I highly recommend you take a trip down the pork highway. For that crispy, candied skin, paired with Mofongo and of course, a Piña colada.


Location:  Puerto Rico, Latin America

Places: 12

Highlights: pork / island life / tropical / lechón / Puerto Rican Pride / beach

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