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21 Rooftop Bars with Views in Los Angeles


By Ramona Saviss

Take in towering skyscrapers, the Hollywood hills, and the sparkling Pacific Ocean from LA’s best rooftops.

LA’s rooftop bars are up there with some of the best in the world. And they offer so many varying skyline views that you can visit a different hangout every night of the week and enjoy the city from a new vantage point. Take in the sparkling shores of Santa Monica, the towering buildings in Downtown LA, signature palm trees and Beverly Hills mansions, or the iconic Hollywood sign framed by steep hillsides. Find the right location and you just might get treated to all of the above from a single perch. And thanks to their open-air nature, rooftop bars have been a godsend during these unpredictable pandemic times.

From luxurious poolside lounges to exciting eats by renowned chefs, LA has a bounty of rooftops with sparkling city views for any occasion.

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Location:  Los Angeles, California, USA

Places: 21

Highlights: Rooftop / Urban / Bars / Drinks / Luxury / Cocktails / Skyline / Palm Trees

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