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Sofia Bulgaria Things To Do – 2 Day Visit


You’ll get a Free Google Map that guides you through a 2 Day Itinerary in Sophia, Bulgaria. With the map open easily read other Google Local Guides’ reviews of each place.

Location: Sophia, Bulgaria, Europe

Places: 14

Highlights: walking tour / short trip / landmarks / history

Map Intro:

The third oldest capital in Europe after Rome and Athens, our brief holiday in Sophia, Bulgaria was a weekend of discovery.

It is a perfect sized city for a two day visit. A very walkable destination full of markets, mosques, synagogues, and culture.

Always traveling very light, we never have much space for souvenirs. However, there are a couple of Sophia specialties that you absolutely cannot miss. Dried fruit (of which Bulgaria is a great producer), local cheeses such as Bulgarian White Cheese (similar in appearance to feta), and cosmetics based on rose oil.

For more details about the spots on this map, read the full blog: Visiting Sofia in a weekend. What to see in the capital of Bulgaria

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