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The 10 Most Unique Bali Airbnb Experiences | You Can’t Miss



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Location: Bali, Indonesia, Asia
Highlights: Free Google Map to guide you to The 10 Most Unique Bali Airbnb Experiences | You Can’t Miss


Map Intro:

I have to say that Bali itself is an instagram-mable destination. But its beauty is not just something fabricated for the camera, when you physically experience Bali, the feelings of awe and amazement are even more present.

In addition to cliffs, surfing beaches, temples and waterfalls…Bali Airbnbs tend to exist on a whole different level. Spending the night, or a lazy morning at your accommodations it practically an activity all in itself.

My map contains 2 Bali Airbnbs I stayed at, and the rest are on my Bali bucket list for next time. One of them is still under construction – a Boeing plane built on an Uluwatu cliff. You can book it in advance via Instagram, find the booking details in my map.

Some highlights:

  • The striking, contemporary cottages on stilts are accessed via outdoor spiral staircases
  • Villas on a clifftop with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean

You can easily download the the List of 10 spots as a link to Google Maps to see Real photos & Real Reviews for each location from millions Google Local Guide, and get directions and contact information


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