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32 Best Things To Do in Seoul from My Ultimate Guide to South Korea



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Location: Seoul, Korea, Asia
Highlights: A Google Map to guide you to 32 Treasures and Hidden Gems from My Ultimate Guide to Seoul

Map Intro:
Hey, I’m Brooke from The USA, and I finally finished my e-book to help people learn how to teach English in South Korea! Once you arrive in this fascinating but frequently perplexing country, you may be wondering – What to do in Seoul?

Four years of teaching in South Korea gave me the opportunity to get to know the culture and traditions of Seoul.
Walking the streets of Seoul, you can see slick modern shops, next to temples and ancient buildings. And K-Pop idols crossing paths with people wearing traditional clothes!

The city’s filled with Instagrammable locations, and this map includes my favorite things to do in Seoul — with places to eat, drink and play in the South Korean metropolis. I’ve collected so many incredible memories over the past year and shared a few hidden gems that only locals know about.

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