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Travel guide for Greece – From Locals

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Greece is the country we are proud to call our homeland. We consider ourselves lucky to live in a country that is full of civilisation, beautiful people, landscapes, flavours and its blue Mediterranean Sea. Its historical monuments, as well as Greek Mythology, are the reasons worth visiting Greece. The history of this small country is so rich that it will impress you. In addition to the magnificent Acropolis, there are so many other ancient temples worth visiting.

Apart from the famous islands of Greece and its wonderful beaches with clear turquoise waters, its mainland also has to offer equally incredible experiences. Rivers, waterfalls, lakes and endless mountaineering and hiking trails waiting to be discovered. But wherever you stay in Greece, the only sure thing is that you will be filled with Greek hospitality. The locals are willing to help you with whatever you may need, but also to make you feel like a king or queen. In regard to traditional food, we have dedicated an entire section in our article!

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Location: Greece, Europe
Places: 44
Highlights: Museum / Food / Archeological Sites / local Market / Aesthetic / Cultural Landmark / All the Must Visit Places that make Greece one of the most famous destinations in the world!

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