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Ultimate Menorcan Beach Experience | 27 Amazing Things to See & Do in Menorca

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Location: Menorca (Minorca), Spain, Europe
Highlights: This Google Map will guide you to 27 Amazing Things to Do and See in Menorca | The Ultimate Menorcan Beach Experience

Map Intro:

This Ultimate Menorcan Beach Experience list will help you plan the best trip to the Balearic Island of Menorca. This list includes:

  • Some of the island’s best turquoise beaches for swimming and snorkelling including hidden beaches that not a lot of people know about
  • Unique and interesting things to see and do in and around the island
  • Restaurant and bar recommendations including one of the best vegetarian menus in Menorca & monkfish croquettes that had me drooling

If you follow this list, much like me, you’ll fall in love with this little island in the Mediterranean. Covered in lush greenery, come a discover the most beautiful Menorcan beaches. Be prepared to never want to leave!


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