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Weekend Staycations and Day Trips in Karnataka for a perfect getaway


You’ll get a Google Map that guides you to all the amazing places and staycations for a weekend getaways in Karnataka . When you open the map easily read other Google Local Guides’ reviews of each spot.

Location: Karnataka , India

Places: 6

Highlights: Tree House / Staycation / Campground / Tea / Nature

Map Intro:

Looking for a weekend getaway close to Bangalore? Here are some of the amazing choices of staycation spots and places that I have selected. You can choose your getaway according to the distance that suits you.

These are spread out across an area and can immerse you in a relaxing weekend. These are in my list of visits too so do not miss 😎

By downloading this list of places, you’ll be contributing to my effort spent finding hidden gems so thank you for your support in advance!

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