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What to do in Cape May for the perfect Beach Weekend


Ah, the Jersey Shore. Wondering what to do in Cape May for the perfect beach weekend?

Just a few hours drive from Philly, my summer vacations as a child typically included a week long family reunion at a rental home in one of the many seaside towns. But Garden State Parkway Exit 0 aka Cape May holds some of the best memories.

Before Snookie and The Situation put the Jersey Shore on the map for it’s partying and questionable fashion via the MTV show, I’ve been exploring the trashy to the classy things to do in Cape May.

Although I’m older now, I still appreciate a good mini-golf and my morning pancakes on the beach. But now I can also enjoy the wineries, farm stands, and a cold draft with some mid-week karaoke at one of the local bars.


Location: Cape May, New Jersey, USA

Places: 19

Highlights: Jersey Shore / bayside / seafood / boardwalk / beach vacation / long weekend / East Coast / road trip


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