Remote Travel Jobs : 5 Digital Nomad Visas for a Freelance Travel Photographer

Remote Travel Jobs : 5 Digital Nomad Visas for a Freelance Travel Photographer

Are you a digital nomad looking for a new adventure and seeking a location-independent lifestyle? Have you considered applying for an Italy digital nomad visa? While the Portugal digital nomad visa has gained popularity since its launch in late 2022 there are several stunning options for a freelance travel photographer to live and work from some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Remote travel jobs allow you to enjoy all the benefits that come with immersing yourself in new cultures, food, and communities. Find out our top picks for countries that combine the perfect backdrop for photos with digital nomad visa policies that make it easy to strike an ideal work life balance.

Italy Digital Nomad Visa



Italy has 2 digital nomad visa categories

Italy is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads. Remote travel jobs in Italy appeal to those seeking enriching cultural experiences and culinary delights. From remarkable Renaissance paintings to bold and colorful modern art, Italy remains a place where art is cherished, celebrated, and revered.

In 2022, Italy planned to introduce a specific Italy digital nomad visa and it was signed into law, but the final adoption is still pending.

In the meantime, the Italian Self-employed Visa is designed to allow digital nomads and freelancers to relocate and set up remote work in Italy. Requirements include proving that your income was at least €8,500 in the year prior to application, taking out insurance to safeguard your health and well-being, and demonstrating that you are highly-skilled and the work you do won’t be taking away jobs from local Italian residents.

Why is Italy ideal for a freelance travel photographer?

Whether you find yourself in a villa near the ancient ruins of Rome or decide to rent a humble guesthouse on the sun-soaked Amalfi Coast, freelance travel photographers can romanticize even the most mundane tasks when you live in a country where charm and charisma ooze out of every crevice.

Italy has always been a hub of art and culture, attracting artists from all over the world. The country’s rich history, abundance of laid-back activities, and creative atmosphere make it the perfect destination for freelance travel photographers looking to be inspired. 

Whether it’s incredible architecture, the picturesque landscapes or the vibrant and colorful energy of the people, Italy offers one of the most attractive backdrops for remote travel jobs. The country has produced some of the world’s most renowned artists, including classics like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, to celebrated filmmakers like Michelangelo Antonioni and Federico Fellini.



Italy travel itineraries for freelance travel photographers

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa


Portugal announced a new digital nomad visa program in October 2022

Do you dream of living and working as a freelance travel photographer in a beautiful European country with great weather year-round? The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is a recent development aimed at attracting remote workers from all corners of life. You can apply for this visa and relocate to Portugal for up to five years. 

The program has two streams – one for self-employed individuals and one for employed individuals who work outside of Portugal. With this opportunity, remote travel jobs are possible and you can experience Portugal’s allure while continuing to earn a living.

You’ll need to show that you make a minimum of €2,800 per month. The Digital Nomad Temporary Stay Visa is the simplest to obtain but it will only cover your stay for up to 1 year. If you plan to call Portugal your home for an extended period, you may want to consider taking the time to apply for the Digital Nomad Residence Visa which requires you to have pay slips and a Portuguese bank account but puts you on the path to permanent residency.

Why is Portugal ideal for a freelance travel photographer?

Portugal is a picturesque country with dozens of off the beaten path cities for photographers to capture. Lisbon is the most well-known destination with plenty of published shots of the number 28 cable car and the city’s cobblestone slopes. But freelance travel photographers should consider the smaller towns for hidden gems waiting down unsuspecting alleys and less frequented plazas.

Largo da Graça is worth a visit for its panoramic views of the Lisbon. Northern Portugals’s Amarante will not disappoint as it’s surrounded by the Serra do Marão mountain range and what feels like an endless number of intoxicating vineyards specializing in vinho verde. The birthplace of the country, Guimarães, is a must-see for history buffs. And 70 kilometers east of Porto, you’ll find Amarante. Add this city to your list of shoot locations if you’re seeking a medieval old town feel with balconies overlooking the River Tâmega, pastry shops, and lunchtime feasts of local meats, cheeses, and olives sold by weight and cut to order.



Portugal travel itineraries for freelance travel photographers

 Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa



In 2019, Costa Rica implemented its own Digital Nomad Visa program

Costa Rica, with its beautiful beaches, welcoming culture, and tropical vibes, is an excellent choice for artists with modest budgets who are looking to relocate. The Costa Rica digital nomad visa gives you the opportunity to extend a 90-day tourist visa into a full year experience.

Those looking for remote travel work should be prepared to submit evidence that shows you make $2,500 per month. The simplicity of the application process and the flexibility of this visa make it one of the best options among 45 other nations that offer similar visas. 

Why is Costa Rica ideal for a freelance travel photographer?

The country offers an inviting combination of sun, samba, salsa, and scene for artists to replenish their creative juices. Costa Rica provides a stable political environment with a long-established democracy, pristine natural environments, and friendly people. It is relatively affordable compared to most North American cities, making it more advantageous for freelance travel photographers who are accustomed to swings in income from month to month. There are lifestyle options available for artists in Costa Rica who want to save more and spend less.

Creators living on a Costa Rica digital nomad visa should undoubtedly take a look at the nation’s beach towns. Stake out a piece of sand and capture surfers from around the globe who travel to Puerto Viejo to ride the famous Salas waves. Or Montezuma is known for its hippie, artsy side if you’re looking for like minded companions to create with.

Nature photographers will find muses and all kinds when you grab your camera to explore some of the most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready for run-ins with spider monkeys, scarlet macaws, green parrots, toucans and much more!



Portugal travel itineraries for freelance travel photographers

Greece Digital Nomad Visa



Greece offers a Digital Nomad Visa for non-EU citizens

With the introduction of the Greece Digital Nomad Visa, it’s even easier for remote workers to pack up their laptops and head to this Mediterranean paradise. With an application fee of only €75 and an answer from the embassy within 10 days of receiving your documents, relocating to Greece as a freelance travel photographer is a breeze for most. 

Other requirements include meeting the €3,500 monthly income obligations and after your 6-month tax free period you will be considered a tax resident. But don’t be scared away, Greece also has a 50% reduced tax program which will provide some relief to digital nomads.

The one year Greece Digital Nomad Visa can be extended for a maximum of three years, and if you’ve really fallen in love with the sound of the ocean or the Ouzo at the end of your stay, there is a possibility for you to apply for a residence permit if you start the process before your visa expires.

Why is Greece ideal for a freelance travel photographer?

In its worldwide rankings – Nomadlist includes 8 popular remote travel job destinations in Greece. Among the 8 recommended places to live, one common theme where the Greek cities consistently place high on the list is for safety. Greece tends to fall on the slightly more expensive side of the spectrum in terms of living expenses if you choose one of the more popular cities. But, many of the islands become more affordable during off-seasons when tourists stay away and locals come out to play.

Greece, the land of myths and legends, has been a muse for artists for centuries. The country’s mesmerizing landscapes have served as canvases for countless artists who have come here seeking inspiration. A freelance travel photographer can easily spend months examining the pristine blue sea and stark white buildings. Wandering the streets and beaches you will surely feel at home surrounded by a society that respects and promotes creative endeavors.

From the classical period, where art and architecture thrived, to the modern era, where Greece continues to be a hub for creators, Greece’s appreciation for the arts has never waned. This cultural legacy has been passed down from generation to generation, instilling a deep respect for the importance of the arts in Greek society. Today, Greece’s support for creative professions can be seen in its numerous galleries, museums, festivals, and cultural events. All of this encourages artists to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, both in terms of technique and artistic vision.



Greece travel itineraries for freelance travel photographers

What remote travel jobs are on your bucket list?

Being a freelance travel photographer means you get to explore new places, meet fascinating people, and capture stunning moments through your lens. With digital nomad visas popping up in countries all over the world, it may take some soul searching and strategic planning to pick a spot that aligns with your photography niche and aesthetic.

Editorial work for travel magazines, newspapers, and websites can be a primary source of income for freelance travel photographers, but this line of work requires a unique perspective and eye for detail that can only be developed through a genuine passion for the craft.

Traveling the world through the use of various digital nomad visas and capturing compelling images that tell a story and evoke emotion can lead to a lifetime of getting paid to do what you love.

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