Life is a journey travel blog

Life is a journey travel blog

It is really helpful to have a plan when traveling, don’t you think? Planning a journey it’s fun, it’s the prelude of the journey itself. It makes you eager to start your trip, and at the same time eliminates the fear of the unknown and unpredictable, making you more relaxed in order to enjoy every minute of your experience.

I like to meticulously plan my journeys to beautiful and interesting destinations. I acquired travel experience and spent thousands of hours of research. I decided to share with you my detailed plans, travel tips and experiences from my journeys.

I dedicate my work to people like me, who like to travel to make their own itineraries and own choices. I tend to be more like a traveler than a tourist, but not taking it to the extreme, still keeping the basic comfort of being a tourist. I like to find cheap deals and to avoid paying unnecessary extra money for the same things, but, at the same time, I don’t mind to pay for something quite expensive if I think is worth it, and maybe something I met once in a lifetime. I encourage people to do the same, as it is nothing wrong to satisfy one’s desires!

I provide you:

  • access to an exclusive list of the top places to visit, from local secrets to famous hotspots;
  • time and money saving opportunities by following crafted itineraries and receiving pertinent information that you’ll actually use.

I want to inspire people to explore the world and find their own adventure. Follow my blog,! I will share every step of my journeys.

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