Ucluelet BC – Best Travel Itinerary with 24 Hidden Gems

Ucluelet BC – Best Travel Itinerary with 24 Hidden Gems 


Ucluelet, British Columbia is an idyllic vacation spot that has captured many hearts with its endless charm. 


Ucluelet BC boasts breathtaking scenery with offerings ranging from exquisite resorts and hotels nestled in the heart of the lush forest to picturesque lighthouses standing tall at the edge of the beach. 


If you are looking for an authentic west coast experience that is off the beaten path (like me!) Ucluelet BC is the perfect destination option for you! This hidden gem for a Canadian vacation is known to make people linger and lose track of time with its mesmerizing beauty and laid-back vibe.


My travel itinerary is best for a 3-5 day gateway in Ucluelet BC which includes:


  • Ucluelet BC hotels
  • Best local restaurants
  • Hidden beautiful beaches
  • Best hiking tails
  • Best local things to do


You can download this itinerary for free in Google Docs and Google Maps, easily edit and share the places to plan your own trip. All places have real photos with real Google Reviews for each location, operation hours and directions.


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Accommodation Ucluelet BC

1. Snug Harbour Inn

Google Local Guide Reviews:  5.0 (79 reviews)


One visitor review via Google Maps:


“Stunning setting with amazing views. Hosts are so friendly and attentive. The rooms are just incredible, every detail taken care of, fresh coffee from a local supplier and the delicious breakfast delivered to your room in perfect little crates for you to enjoy. Can’t recommend this place enough! Such a treat”

Set in a wooded area, this upscale adults-only B&B is 1 km from the shops and restaurants in the village centre, and an 18-minute walk from the Wild Pacific Trail.


Snug Harbour Inn is a top-rated 5-star bed and breakfast located in Ucluelet, British Columbia.


Photo by hotel.com


It is ranked as one of Canada’s top 10 B&Bs and has also been recognized as one of the top 25 bed and breakfasts in the country. The inn is situated on an 85 ft cliff overlooking the vast Pacific ocean, offering guests breathtaking ocean views.


The cozy units include a patio and a balcony furnished with a fireplace, and some of them face the ocean. The setting provides privacy and elegance for adult clientele, making it a perfect retreat for couples. Guests can enjoy luxurious and romantic accommodations in a very private environment. 


The inn features a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and a small private and pristine pebbly beach accessible by stairs. In addition, guests can enjoy comfortable rooms with free breakfast and free WiFi. 



Photo by Ostrovok


In conclusion, Snug Harbour Inn is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a luxurious and private retreat for Accommodation Ucluelet BC.

2. The Nami Project

Google Local Guide Reviews: 5.0 (7 reviews)


One visitor review via Google Maps:


“This is such a hidden gem, it’s newly built and I’m so thankful to have been able to experience one of the private cabins. Winter time is THE perfect time to go, not the summer, but winter! Imagine dipping in the hot tub as it rains, watch the tides and the waves come along the coastline, just perfect. I’ve been to many onsen resorts in Japan, and I must say, this one was even better than what I experienced there. Luxury, comfort, serenity. Anyone would fall in love with the Nami Project. Also the fully stocked kitchen, high tech stove and microwave/oven, and the private sauna!!! Amazing amazing, can’t wait to be back next time. Strictly 18+ only, no kids no pets, but I understand why, it’s a very private experience.”


Photo by The Nami Project


The Nami Project, a nature-focused boutique hotel, is situated in the small fishing town of Ucluelet BC. 


Despite being a five-hour drive from Vancouver, the hotel is a hidden gem for accommodation seekers who wish to stay in a serene environment with dream-like ocean views.


The property boasts four luxurious cabins and four sumptuous suites, each providing a private and secluded experience. The Arashi cabin is particularly stunning, suspended over the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean with an open floor plan and raised ten feet off the ground.



Photo by Janet


This Accommodation in Ucluelet BC puts an emphasis on nature and luxurious relaxation, making it an attractive option for those looking for a peaceful getaway. The Nami Project is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for people looking to stay in Ucluelet.


There are a few more hidden gems in Ucluelet BC I’ve included in the itinerary. Download it for free to plan your own dream vacation in Ucluelet British Columbia


Best Local Restaurants in Ucluelet BC


1. Pluvio restaurant and rooms

Google Local Guide Reviews: 4.8 (571 reviews)


One visitor review via Google Maps:


“Pluvio restaurant is truly one of the best dining experiences in the world. My husband and I went there again last night and we were remarking on how, of all the restaurants we have eaten in the world (and there have been many spectacular establishments that we have been privileged to eat in, some with Michelin stars) this is truly our favourite. The food, the flavours, the presentation, the atmosphere, the gracious service are all unbeatable. Last night was a memorable feast for our senses. I felt so grateful to have had another chance to be in this beautiful gem of a place. Thank you to all the incredible staff and chef Warren Barr for yet another scrumptious feast. We will be back!”


Photo by Phuong Huynh


Pluvio restaurant and rooms’ food is considered a hidden gem for those seeking a unique dining experience in Ucluelet, British Columbia. 


This small, award-winning restaurant takes pride in showcasing the best local products and natural elements of the West Coast region. Pluvio Restaurant’s focus on offering fresh, complex flavors and careful preparation has earned them a reputation for having one of the best dining experiences in the area. 


Their unique menu changes frequently, reflecting the seasonal availability of ingredients and keeping diners coming back for new and exciting culinary discoveries. Pluvio restaurant and rooms is a must-visit for foodies looking for authentic and innovative fare in Ucluelet.


2. Ucluelet Brewing Company

Google Local Guide Reviews: 4.6 (257 reviews)


One visitor review via Google Maps:


“I love this place so much. I’ve been twice, once on a very cold, rainy day in January and once on a gloriously sunny day in July. Both times were wonderful! Delicious food, fantastic beer (especially the Tragically Whit), atmosphere excellent. It’s been almost two years since my last visit and I still think about the afternoon my husband and I spent on the patio all the time.”


Photo by Local Guide


Ucluelet Brewing Company is a hidden gem that offers a unique dining experience. 


Overlooking the Ucluelet Harbour, this local restaurant is really worth visiting for everyone craving amazing food and great vibes. 


Their amazing selection of beers on tap, Vancouver Island wines, kombucha, and cider are not to be missed. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, making it a perfect destination to enjoy a meal with friends and family.



Photo by Neil Rose


The restaurant’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients in their dishes makes for a mouth-watering culinary experience that you will not forget. Whether you are traveling with little ones or want to enjoy a brunch date, Ucluelet Brewing Company is one of the best local restaurants to try.


More recommendations for food and drinks, visit the free itinerary and get 24 hidden gems in Ucluelet BC.

Best Hidden Beaches in Ucluelet British Columbia


1. Terrace Beach

Google Local Guide Reviews: 4.8 (30 Reviews)


One visitor review via Google Maps:


“What a wonderful little hidden beach. The views at sunset are gorgeous, and the tide brings in some wonderful ocean creatures and treasures”


Photo by Ron W


Terrace Beach in Ucluelet, British Columbia is considered one of the best beaches in the area by the locals, who often refer to it as a hidden gem. 


It is a quiet and tranquil spot surrounded by trees, offering a peaceful seaside retreat. The beach is accessible via stairs through the forest, and it is very well-maintained. Visitors can simply relax and soak in the peaceful surroundings or take a dip in the calming waters. 


Terrace Beach is also situated close to the Wild Pacific Trail, offering the perfect opportunity to explore its beautiful natural surroundings. All in all, Terrace Beach is a must-visit destination in Ucluelet for those looking for a quiet and serene getaway.


2. Brown’s Beach

Google Local Guide Reviews: 4.7 (161 reviews)


One visitor review via Google Maps:


“It’s a stunning secluded little beach on the Wild Pacific trail with a lookout at the cliff top and benches to sit. It’s got a sandy grass cove with a little island. It’s close to hotels etc. It’s got a parking lot”


Photo by Marty Mellway


Brown’s Beach, though small, is a stunning and unique beach that is a must-visit destination in Ucluelet, BC. Despite its size, the beach offers a breathtaking view of the pristine coastline and lush forest, making it a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty. 


With easy access to the ocean and a bit of intimacy, Brown’s Beach is an excellent alternative to the larger and more famous Chesterman and Long Beach. Visitors to Ucluelet can expect a year-round picturesque coastline, and the Wild Pacific Trail offers an easy hike accessible for all levels of physical ability. 


Brown’s Beach may be small, but its natural beauty and unique view make it a hidden gem that should not be missed.




Ucluelet BC offers more than just stunning landscapes, it has rightfully earned its place as a dream vacation spot. 


This small fishing village also offers many unique and exciting things to do, such as mountain biking, e-bike tours and other adventure tours, which are all  included in this itinerary.


It’s totally FREE to download! Visit now to get all 24 hidden gems included in this Ucluelet BC itinerary.


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