Ultimate Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems 

Ultimate Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems 

Bangkok, this city is known for its world-renowned food that is delicious, cheap, and full of soul. Bangkok cuisine is an integral part of any trip to Thailand’s capital.

Bangkok Thai cuisine is a perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors. It is no wonder that people all around the world love Thai food.

Whether it’s street food or haute cuisine at a luxury restaurant, Bangkok’s food scene has something for everyone who visits. Bangkok Thai restaurant dishes can be found all over the globe and the food’s diversity of ingredients, emphasis on freshness, spiciness, and visual appeal make it a popular culinary choice worldwide.

This Ultimate Bangkok Cuisine Guide has 2 parts:

Part I – Casual Outposts for Thai Cooking

Part II – Fine Dining Thai Restaurants 

I love to explore Bangkok Thai restaurants in a local way, and I love all these hidden, but super delicious restaurants. In this Bangkok Cuisine Guide, there are no fancy 5 star hotels, infinity pools with a view, or touristy floating markets. From north to south, you can definitely find your favorite authentic Bangkok Thai restaurant in this guide.

Part 1 – Bangkok Thai Restaurants 


Casual Outposts for Thai Cooking

The Family

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.8 (766 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“The best restaurant in whole Thailand! You must try this hidden gem :-)))) Very nice and kind family, quiet place by the river. Big portion for a good price and absolutely delicious!”


Source: Nava Bogatee

The Family is a Bangkok Thai restaurant that offers authentic Bangkok cuisine that is definitely worth trying. This restaurant has been recognized for its delicious food and has even been featured in various publications.

The Family’s menu offers a range of Thai dishes that are sure to please any palate, from spicy curries to flavorful stir-fry dishes. The restaurant itself has a welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff ready to assist in making your dining experience a memorable one. 

The prices are also reasonable, making it an affordable option for anyone visiting Bangkok who wants to experience this vibrant city through their taste buds.

Download this Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems and sync it to your Google Maps for The Family’s operation hours and location.


Krua Khun Puk

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.4 (1,164 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“If you’re around the area late and everything’s closed just come here. Best supper place in Nana for Thai food. Every dish is delicious and clean with customized spiciness. Dishes between 80-150. Can even get a whole steamed seabass for 400 baht.”


Source: Andrew Cotterell

With 1,164 unbiased positive reviews on Google Review, Krua Khun Puk has earned its spot as the 812th restaurant out of 14,331 restaurants in Bangkok on Tripadvisor as well.


Source: Klaire BC

All visitors believe that their food is worth every penny, not only is the food good, but the staff is friendly and provides great service. Additionally, Krua Khun Puk offers a famous dish, mango sticky rice, that is worth trying.

Download this Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems and sync it to your Google Maps for Krua Khun Puk’s operation hours and location.


Pad Thai Khun Chu (Mazzaro)

Google Local Guide Reviews: 4.5 (125 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“Wow. Beautiful hidden treasure near the Bangkok River. Food was good and the restaurant was beautiful and clean. We sat in a green room. They had Lao beers and almost ordered a yummy cocktail because they looked delicious. Thai specialties and great service. Highly recommend.”


Source: Jake Jeon

Pad Thai Khun Chu (Mazzaro) is a little hidden gem of a Thai restaurant located in Bangkok that is worth exploring for its delectable Bangkok cuisine. The restaurant has gained popularity among locals as a go-to place for the best Pad Thai in the city. 


Source: Aswin Tangjaroonjit

The authentic and savory Pad Thai is cooked to perfection and is undoubtedly the main highlight of the restaurant. In addition to Pad Thai, they also offer a range of other traditional Thai dishes, along with some fusion options that cater to the preferences of a full spectrum of customers. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is both cozy and inviting, and the service is attentive and efficient. For those seeking a unique dining experience, Pad Thai Khun Chu (Mazzaro) is definitely a satisfying option.

Download this Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems and sync it to your Google Maps for Pad Thai Khun Chu (Mazzaro)’s operation hours and location.


Jeng Noodle Thai Food & Vegetarian

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.6 (426 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“Best Thai street restaurant ever? Perhaps. I’ve lived in Thailand for 6 years and this little spots checks all the boxes: cheap, delicious, great menu, and friendly. I recommend the pad Thai with tofu, pork and basil, chicken and cashew and make sure to start with some spring rolls!”


Source: Dario Meyer

Jeng Noodle Thai Food & Vegetarian is a small, but popular restaurant in Bangkok for classic and humble Thai cuisine. 

Located on a side street, Jeng Noodle offers a variety of meat and vegetarian options, including vegan dishes. The restaurant is particularly known for its delicious spring rolls, which have enticed customers to return again and again.


Source: Andreas Prinz

The lady who runs the restaurant is known for being a hard worker, and her dedication to the business is evident in the quality of the food. 

Jeng Noodle is conveniently located near the Patpong night market, where customers can enjoy an entire evening of Thai street food. Not every stall can compete at the same level as Jeng Noodle.

Download this Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems and sync it to your Google Maps for Jeng Noodle Thai Food & Vegetarian’s operation hours and location.



Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.7 (781 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“Outstanding Thai food restaurant close to the King’s Palace. You should combine a visit to the palace and finish your morning in high style by having your lunch here. The Tom Kha Gai here is just fantastic!!! It is a life-time experience.”


Source: THE SIXTH 

The Sixth is known to be one of the best places in Bangkok to indulge in delicious Bangkok Thai cuisine. After a busy day exploring the stunning temples of the city, The Sixth is the ideal dining room to replenish your tired body with some local flavors. 


Source: Thư Đào Thị Anh

The omelette with chicken is a popular choice, and while other restaurants in the area cater to tourists, this is a much better choice for budget travelers who need a bit of respite after fighting through the crowds at the Grand Palace.

This restaurant has received numerous rave reviews on Google Reviews and Tripadvisor, and it is clear that locals and tourists alike have fallen in love with the atmosphere, service, and most importantly, the food.

Download this Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems and sync it to your Google Maps for The Sixth’s operation hours and location.

Part 2 – Bangkok Thai Restaurant 


Fine Dining Thai Restaurants 



Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.7 (240 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“The best experience for fine thai dining i have ever had. Food was brilliant and top quality ingredients from thailand. The chef is really skilled at creating such foods. I really have to say it was an unforgettable dining experience. Well done. Great for a couple or group of friends or even business dinners. Location in downtown but the soi is very small parking is limited.”


Source: I’m Still Hungry

Sorn is a top-rated Southern fine dining restaurant in Bangkok that has earned two Michelin stars. Its menu and gardens are inspired by tropical forests, offering customers an innovative and authentic eating experience.


Source: Pimthada Sahachatiraklap

Sorn has been ranked 39th among the world’s best restaurants for 2022 and was ranked Number 9 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023. 

This Bangkok Thai Restaurant has a 15-course menu that is a must-try for those who love gastronomic adventures. They only serve 20 customers each day, which keeps this Bangkok Thai restaurant lazer focused on quality over quantity.

Download this Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems and sync it to your Google Maps for Sorn’s operation hours and location.


Sri Trat Restaurant and Bar

Google Local Guide Reviews:  4.5 (1,275 reviews)

One visitor review via Google Maps:

“An authentic premium Thai restaurant that is, IMHO, No.1 in Bangkok. Everything is just DELICIOUS. Ingredients are top notch. The cooking is next-level. The flavor is explosively rich. And if you don’t like hot and spicy food, tell the staff beforehand. The spicy dishes are SPICY. The staff is nice and well trained. The price is high but worth it. There is no parking space but valet parking is available. Totally recommended.”


Source: Janice Goh

Sri Trat Restaurant and Bar is a top-notch dining destination for those looking to sample the best of high-end yet authentic Bangkok Thai cuisine. 


Source: Jacq

Their expertly crafted dishes showcase the true flavors of the Eastern Thai style cooking, with bold and refreshing tastes that leave a lasting impression. 

Sri Trat has gained a reputation as one of the best restaurants in the city, serving up high-quality, good value cuisine that has earned it a coveted Bib Gourmand label. The signature sweet and spicy flavors found in their menu items are truly special, making Sri Trat an east meets west perfect pairing of durian, craft cocktails and their signature sweet and sour pork belly.

Whether guests are looking to sample classic Thai dishes or new and innovative creations, Sri Trat has something to offer everyone.

Download this Bangkok Cuisine Guide | 28 Local Hidden Gems and sync it to your Google Maps for Sri Trat Restaurant and Bar’s operation hours and location.




Want the other 21 Bangkok Thai Restaurants? Get instant access to this free downloadable Guide for the best hidden gems in the Bangkok Thai Cuisine food scene.

A visit to Bangkok is incomplete without indulging in its delicious cuisine and dining experiences. If you don’t have time travel to South or North Thailand. With this comprehensive list of authentic restaurants and street food stalls, you can definitely sample some of the best local fare without ever leaving Bangkok.

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