Vacation Ideas For Picturesque Places to Float, Soak, and Find Oasis

Vacation Ideas For Picturesque Places to Float, Soak, and Find Oasis


Will you buy a flight ticket after seeing a photo of an oasis in the desert?

Visions and descriptions of perfect vacation ideas taunt us from glossy paged magazines, or stylish influencers and in-the-know travel bloggers. Our desire to travel is provoked – but where are those breathtakingly beautiful photos from?

Your first stop post-pandemic should be a memorable one. Planning your perfect vacation doesn’t need to feel like a chore. You just need to know what will satisfy your need after a long overdue escape from the daily grind.

Let us help you shortlist a few destinations worthy of a place on your revenge travel itinerary.


Israel Travel Map

Look face to face at the majestic red sand dunes. Float in the sea while you finish reading that novel you haven’t had time for.

Capture that drone shot of you and the tree in the middle of the sea. Loneliness is not the same as being alone. The most beautiful scenery of the sea could be you surrounding by nothing but water and air.

Let us know what kind of trip you desire. We’ll match you with travel creators who know the best hidden gems in Israel, who will customize a shockingly cool vacation travel itineraries for only $5!  


You can also click here to read 14,000 reviews on Google Maps for this amazing place.

“One of the best beaches at the dead sea. Clean and accurate beach to visit. You got showers and cabin to change the clothes. Also shops around and the mall. Great place to come and enjoy the super salt water. The beach is located right next to the hotel strip of dead sea.”


Egypt Travel Map


Go to the desert with her; find the real oasis.

Carved out by mother earth, in the naturally formed salt pond, pour out love, happiness, sorrow, and all the things you want to say but have not yet said. Release the feelings that have accumulated in your heart. There is nowhere to hide your emotion under this beautiful sky.

We’re so excited to see Arif’s: “Travel Map with Hidden Gems for 7-15 days Egypt Travel Itinerary” live on NanoWhat. It lists 40 places that guide you to explore Egypt Siwa Oasis, unique hotels, best local food and craft shops. Click here to download Arif’s map for FREE. 

Or, get a custom travel itineraries for only $5. Skip the time consuming itinerary planning but still get the best vacation in Siwa Oasis.


You can also click here to see other travellers’ reviews for this amazing place.

“A wonderful place where the desert is magnificent with beautiful views of the water and there are also hot springs of sulfur water.”


Turkey Travel Map


Pamukkale, means “cotton castle” in Turkish.

Looking at the combination soft round edges with majestic power – from a distance, does it look like a gentle woman finding love in a mysterious king? In the blink of an eye, a thousand years have passed!

Walking barefoot on the snow-white terraces, I want to see if the 2,700 meter high castle has any lost any of it’s colors. Like a walk through freshly fallen snow, the path ahead of me in front of me is untouched, and too beautiful. And the hot springs. Who scattered them in the castle?

On top of Pamukkale lies the ancient city of Hierapolis, where ancient Roman temples and many mysterious stories are waiting for you to read.

There are many hidden gems in Turkey, we can help you to match your vacation expectation with local guide and travel bloggers to give you a custom travel itineraries at only $5. Simplify your vacation planning in Pamukkale by filling out a simple form.


You can also click here to see 57,000 people’s reviews of this amazing place.


“One of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen. It’s presence is simply amazing and from all angles. Walking up has to be done on bare feet which is actually very pleasant. The hot springs with the milky turquoise water looks surreal, but my feet were so soft afterwards. Would highly recommend a day trip here and the hot air balloon experience was out of this world!”


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